Triple Crown
of 1914
1913 1915

May 9, 1914 KENTUCKY DERBY1 1/4 miles
Time: 2:03 2/5 (NTR) track fast$9,125 to winner
runner desc pedigree odds
1stOLD ROSEBUD b.g. Uncle -- Ivory Bells x Himyar 0.85 (fav)
2ndHODGE ch.g. Ivan The Terrible -- Nannie Hodge x Rossington (GB)5.40
3rdBRONZEWING ch.f. Stalwart -- Miss Dolly x St. George (GB)13.50
4th JOHN GUND b.c.Peep o' Day (GB) -- My Gyps x Kyrle Daly (GB)10.00
5th OLD BEN b.g. Ben Brush -- Commune x Meddler (GB)12.50
6th SURPRISING b.c.Marta Santa (GB) -- Strathlou x Strathmore 14.00
7th WATERMELON ch.f. Watercress (GB) -- Belle of Ashland x Ornament 15.00

MARGINS: 8 - 1 1/2 - 4
NOTE - Time is a New Track Record.

May 21, 1914 PREAKNESS STAKES1 1/8 miles
Time: 1:53 4/5 track fast$1,355 to winner
runner desc pedigree odds
1stHOLIDAY b.g. Broomstick -- Leisure x Meddler (GB)4.25
2ndBRAVE CUNARDER br.c. Cunard -- Grail x Atheling (GB)2.30
3rdDEFENDUM b.c.Rock Sand (GB) -- Delusion x Meddler (GB)1.70 (fav)
4th THE GOVERNOR ch.c.Fatherless (GB) -- Aurine x Eon 23.00
5th SPEARHEAD br.c. Aeronaut (GB) -- Dartee x Water Level (GB)5.80 (a)
6th HUMILIATION ch.g. Aeronaut (GB) -- Millie A. x Phillip D. 5.80 (a)

MARGINS: 3/4 - 1 1/2 - 20

June 20, 1914 BELMONT STAKES1 3/8 miles
Time: 2:20 track fast$3,025 to winner
runner desc pedigree odds
1stLUKE McLUKE b.c.Ultimus -- Midge x Trenton (NZ)1.80
2ndGAINER ch.g. Martinet (GB) -- Druid x Sir Dixon 1.60 (fav)
3rdCHARLESTONIAN br.g. Woolsthorpe (GB) -- Espionage x Inspector B. 2.00

MARGINS: 8 - 1/2

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Hopes and History - All the Runners of the American Triple Crown
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