Triple Crown
of 1912
1911 1913

May 11, 1912 KENTUCKY DERBY1 1/4 miles
Time: 2:09 2/5 track muddy$5,000 to winner
runner desc pedigree odds
1stWORTH br.c. Knight of the Thistle (GB) -- Miss Hanover x Hanover 0.80 (fav)
2ndDUVALL b.c.Lissak -- Mary Greenwood x Falsetto 20.00
3rdFLAMMA b.f. Hastings -- Flittermouse x Rayon d'Or (FR)17.00
4th FREE LANCE ch.c.Alvescot (GB) -- Merry Heart x Sir Modred (NZ)7.00
5th GUARANOLA br.g. Garry Herrmann -- The Governess x Glenelg 80.00
6th SONADA ch.g. Star Shoot (GB) -- Janowood x Wadsworth 12.50
7th WHEELWRIGHT b.c.Mazagan (GB) -- My Beauty (GB) x Ladas (GB)4.20

MARGINS: neck - 5 - 4

May 15, 1912 PREAKNESS STAKES1 1/8 miles
Time: 1:56 3/5 track slow$1,450 to winner
runner desc pedigree odds
1stCOLONEL HOLLOWAY br.c. Ethelbert -- Sweet Hawthorne x Lazzarone 2.00 (fav)
2ndBWANA TUMBO br.c. Bryn Mawr -- Affect x His Highness2.50
3rdTIPSAND b.c.Rock Sand (GB) -- Tip Toe x Hastings 7.00
4th BROSSEAU ch.g. Hurst Park -- La Josephine x Spendthrift 6.00
5th JEANNETTE B. b.f. Orlando (GB) -- Miss Boggiano x Hindoo 7.00
6th JINGO ch.c.St. Simonian II (GB) -- Edna Gerry x Esher (GB)20.00
7th STAIRS b.c.Banastar -- Outpace x Aintree (GB)40.00

MARGINS: 5 - 2 - 1/2

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Hopes and History - All the Runners of the American Triple Crown
by Kathleen Irwin and Joy Reeves

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