Triple Crown
of 1911
1910 1912

May 13, 1911 KENTUCKY DERBY1 1/4 miles
Time: 2:05 (ETR) track fast$5,000 to winner
runner desc pedigree odds
1stMERIDIAN b.c.Broomstick -- Sue Smith x Masetto (GB)2.90
2ndGOVERNOR GRAY b.c.Garry Herrmann -- Salama x Himyar 1.00 (fav)
3rdCOLSTON b.c.Filigrane -- Commena x The Commoner 19.00
4th MUD SILL b.g. Captain Sigsbee -- Wyola x Wawekus 17.00
5th JACK DENMAN ch.c.Ornament -- Excellent x Spendthrift 21.00
6th ROUND THE WORLD ch.f. Lackford (GB) -- Nellie Bly x Stratford 6.50
7th COL. HOGAN b.c.Sempronius (GB) -- Queen Isabella x Longfellow 6.00

MARGINS: 3/4 - 15 - 2
NOTE - Time equals track record, and is a Derby record.

May 17, 1911 PREAKNESS STAKES1 1/8 miles
Time: 1:51 (NTR) track fast$2,700 to winner
runner desc pedigree odds
1stWATERVALE b.c.Watercress (GB) -- Lady Violet x The Ill-Used (GB)1.00 (fav) (a)
2ndZEUS b.c.Adam (FR) -- Shaft x The Pepper 1.60
3rdTHE NIGGER bk.g. Hamburg -- Black Venus x Kantaka (GB)9.00
4th FOOTPRINT ch.c.Rock Sand (GB) -- Fetish x Rayon d'Or (FR)1.00 (fav) (a)
5th DR. DUENNER ch.g. Prince of Melbourne -- Rossair x Rossington (GB)20.00 (b)
6th HEATHERBROOM b.f. Ben Brush -- Biturica x Hamburg 7.00
7th JOE KENYON br.c. Orlando (GB) -- Sister to Hindoocraft x Hindoo 20.00 (b)

MARGINS: 1 - 12 - 1/2
NOTE - Time is a New Track Record.

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Hopes and History - All the Runners of the American Triple Crown
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