Triple Crown
of 1902
1901 1903

May 3, 1902 KENTUCKY DERBY1 1/4 miles
Time: 2:08 3/4 track fast$5,000 to winner
runner desc pedigree odds
1stALAN-A-DALE ch.c.Halma -- Sudie McNairy x Enquirer 1.50
2ndINVENTOR ch.c.Ingoldsby (GB) -- Duchess Caroline (GB) x Foxhall 1.00
3rdTHE RIVAL b.c.Halma -- Bracegirdle x Fonso 1.50
4th ABE FRANK ch.c.Hanover -- Cheese Straw (GR) x Muncaster (GB)0.60 (fav)

MARGINS: nose - 1/2 - nose

May 27, 1902 PREAKNESS STAKES1 mile 70 yds
Time: 1:45 4/5 track heavy$2,240 to winner
runner desc pedigree odds
1stOLD ENGLAND b.c.Goldfinch (GB) -- Queen Bess (GB) x Marden (GB)1.80
2ndMAJOR DAINGERFIELD bk.c. Handspring -- Mon Droit x Falsetto 4.00 (a)
3rdNAMTOR ch.c.Hastings -- Ninevah x The Ill-Used (GB)1.60
4th BON MOT b.c.Fitz James -- Queen's Taste x Rotherhill (GB)n/a
5th HINDRED br.c. Hanover -- Mildred x Deceiver (GB)4.00 (a)
6th BAROUCHE ch.f. Julien -- Barcarola x Falsetto n/a
7th SUN SHOWER ch.f. Applegate -- Sunny Slope x Esher (GB)n/a

MARGINS: nose - 6 - 8

May 22, 1902 BELMONT STAKES1 3/8 miles
Time: 2:22 1/2 track fast$13,220 to winner
runner desc pedigree odds
1stMASTERMAN ch.c.Hastings -- Lady Margaret x The Ill-Used (GB)1.00
2ndRANALD ch.c.Salvator -- Scotch Fir (GB) x Scottish Chief (GB)7.00
3rdKING HANOVER ch.c.Hanover -- Lady Agnes x St. Blaise (GB)0.70 (fav)
4th IGNITER br.c. Lamplighter -- Triana x Prince Charlie (GB)6.00
5th WHISKEY KING ch.c.Kantaka (GB) -- Genevieve x Stonehenge (GB)3.00
6th COMPUTE ch.c.Hanover -- Reckon x Pizarro (GB)1.00

MARGINS: 2 - 6 - 4

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Hopes and History - All the Runners of the American Triple Crown
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