Triple Crown
of 1876
1875 1877

May 15, 1876 KENTUCKY DERBY1 1/2 miles
Time: 2:38 1/4 track fast$2,950 to winner
runner desc pedigree odds
1stVAGRANT br.g. Virgil -- Lazy x Scythian (GB)9-to-5 (fav)
2ndCREEDMOOR ch.c.Asteroid (GB) -- Target (GB) x Rifleman (GB)n/a
3rdHARRY HILL br.c. Virgil -- Lark x Lexington n/a
4th BOMBAY b.c.Planet -- Nora x Sovereign (GB)n/a
5th RED COAT ch.c.Australian (GB) -- Sallie x Lexington n/a
6th LIZZIE STONE bk.f. Enquirer -- Ninette x Revenue n/a
7th LEAMINGTONIAN b.c.Leamington (GB) -- Mollie x Lexington n/a
8th MARIE MICHON ch.f. Melbourne Jr. -- Nellie Grey x Lexington n/a
9th BULLION ch.c.War Dance -- Goldring x Ringgold n/a
10th PAROLE br.g. Leamington (GB) -- Maiden x Lexington n/a
11th GERMANTOWN ch.c.Planet -- Nantura x Brawner's Eclipse n/a

MARGINS: 2 - 1 - 1

May 25, 1876 PREAKNESS STAKES1 1/2 miles
Time: 2:44 3/4 track good$1,950 to winner
runner desc pedigree odds
1stSHIRLEY b.g. Lexington -- Miss Carter x Sovereign (GB)2-to-1 (fav)
2ndRAPPAHANNOCK ch.c.King Lear -- Fanny Washington x Revenue n/a
3rdALGERINE b.c.Abd-el-Kader -- Nina x Boston n/a
4th COMPLIMENT b.c.Revolver -- Regards x Australian (GB)n/a
5th DANVILLE ch.c.King Lear -- Mary Minor x Planet n/a
6th AMBUSH br.c. Australian (GB) -- Dolly Morgan x Revenue n/a
7th JENIFER ch.c.Abd-el-Kader -- Rosa x Star Davis n/a
8th SUNBURST ch.c.Planet -- Bettie Ward x Lexington n/a

MARGINS: 4 - neck - head

June 10, 1876 BELMONT STAKES1 1/2 miles
Time: 2:40 1/2 track fast$3,700 to winner
runner desc pedigree odds
1stALGERINE b.c.Abd-el-Kader -- Nina x Boston 6-to-1
2ndFIDDLESTICKS br.c. Lexington -- Filagree (GB) x Stockwell (GB)n/a (fav)
3rdBARRICADE ch.c.Australian (GB) -- Lavender x Wagnern/a
4th CHARLEY HOWARD b.c.Lexington -- Canary Bird x Albion (GB)n/a
5th RED COAT ch.c.Australian (GB) -- Sallie x Lexington n/a

MARGINS: head - 2 - n/a
CHARLEY HOWARD had been previously known as BROTHER TO BASSET

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Hopes and History - All the Runners of the American Triple Crown
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