Triple Crown
of 1875
1874 1876

May 17, 1875 KENTUCKY DERBY1 1/2 miles
Time: 2:37 3/4 track fast$2,900 to winner
runner desc pedigree odds
1stARISTIDES ch.c.Leamington (GB) -- Sarong x Lexington 2-to-1
2ndVOLCANO br.c. Vandal -- Iodine x Sovereign (GB)n/a
3rdVERDIGRIS ch.c.Versailles -- Belle Brandon x Hugh L. French n/a
4th BOB WOOLLEY b.c.Leamington (GB) -- Item x Lexington n/a
5th TEN BROECK b.c.Phaeton (GB) -- Fanny Holton x Lexington n/a
6th GRENOBLE br.c. Baywood -- Lute x Lexington n/a
7th BILL BRUCE br.c. Enquirer -- Aurora Raby x Australian (GB)n/a
8th CHESAPEAKE b.c.Lexington -- Roxanna x Chesterfield (GB)2-to-1
9th SEARCHER b.c.Enquirer -- Bonnie May x Bonnie Scotland (GB)n/a (fav)
10th ASCENSION ch.f. Australian (GB) -- Lilly Ward x Lexington n/a
11th ENLISTER gr.c. Enquirer -- Crownlet x Australian (GB)n/a
12th McCREARY ch.c.Enquirer -- Ontario x Bonnie Scotland (GB)n/a
13th WARSAW ch.c.War Dance -- Sister of Charity x Knight of St. George (IRE)n/a
14th VAGABOND b.c.Vandal -- Gem x Childe Harold n/a
15th GOLDMINE ch.f. Australian (GB) -- Income x Revenue n/a

MARGINS: 2 - 1/2 - 2
SEARCHER was formerly known as LEANDER.

May 28, 1875 PREAKNESS STAKES1 1/2 miles
Time: 2:43 1/2 track slow$1,950 to winner
runner desc pedigree odds
1stTOM OCHILTREE b.c.Lexington -- Katona x Voucher n/a
2ndVIATOR b.c.Vauxhall -- Heatherbell x Balrownie (GB)n/a
3rdBAY FINAL b.c.Lexington -- Bay Leaf x Yorkshire (GB)n/a (fav)
4th RISK b.c.Revolver -- Syren x Oliver n/a
5th ELMWOOD b.c.Baywood -- Lark x Lexington n/a
6th CONSIGNEE b.c.Lexington -- Cairngorm (GB) x Cotherstone (GB)n/a
7th AUSTRALIND ch.f. Australian (GB) -- Dolly Carter x Glencoe (GB)n/a
8th ADD b.c.Revolver -- Skylight x Lexington n/a
9th VAGABOND b.c.Vandal -- Gem x Childe Harold n/a

MARGINS: 2 - head - 4

June 12, 1875 BELMONT STAKES1 1/2 miles
Time: 2:42 1/4 track fast$4,450 to winner
runner desc pedigree odds
1stCALVIN br.c. Tipperary -- Lucy Fowler x Albion (GB)6-to-5
2ndARISTIDES ch.c.Leamington (GB) -- Sarong x Lexington 5-to-1
3rdMILNER ch.c.Leamington (GB) -- Lexington mare x Lexington 6-to-1
4th OZARK br.c. Pat Malloy -- Sunny South (GB) x Birdcatcher (IRE)10-to-1
5th RHADAMANTHUS bk.c. Leamington (GB) -- Nemesis x Eclipse (GB)8-to-1
6th JAMES A. br.c. Leamington (GB) -- Maiden x Lexington 10-to-1
7th WARWICK b.c.Leamington (GB) -- Minnie Minor x Lexington 12-to-1
8th CHESAPEAKE b.c.Lexington -- Roxanna x Chesterfield (GB)2-to-1
9th TOM OCHILTREE b.c.Lexington -- Katona x Voucher 3-to-1
10th SANGARA (GB) br.c. Beadsman (GB) -- Girasol (GB) x Asteroid (GB)8-to-1
11th BAYMINSTER br.c. Warminster (GB) -- Stolen Kisses (GB) x Knight of Kars (GB)8-to-1
12th JOE CERNS ch.c.Australian (GB) -- Bettie Ward x Lexington 3-to-1
13th WILLIE BURKE ch.c.Baywood -- Katinka x Australian (GB)4-to-1
14th MATADOR (GB) b.c.Gladiateur (FR) -- Non-Parielle (GB) x Kingston (GB)10-to-1

MARGINS: 2 - 1/2 - n/a
MILNER was later named KILDARE.

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