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Career History
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(br.c. 1935, Bull Dog -- Rose Leaves x Ballot )
Classic participant in: 1938

Notes: Died in 1964. Leading Sire in 1947-1949, 1952, 1953. Leading Broodmare Sire in 1958-1961. Sire of 57 stakes winners and Broodmare sire of 105 stakes winners.


Finish Race Name
1stBlue Grass S.
1stWidener H.
1stPimlico H.
1stKenner S.
1stAutumn H.
1stJames C. Thornton Memorial H.
2ndHopeful S.
2ndPotomac H.
2ndContinental H.
2ndNarragansett Special
2ndClassic S.
2ndChampagne S.
2ndMclennan Memorial H.
3rdAquidneck H.
3rdSaratoga Special


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
(See 1951)
b.c., 1948 BULL LEA -- Hastily Yours x John P. GrierJerome H., Discovery H., Laurel S., President's Plate H., Olympic S., Dixie H., Fort Mchenry H., Questionnaire H., Thomas J. Healey H., Appleton H., Saratoga H., Saratoga Cup; Sire of stakes winners.
ALL BLUEbr.c., 1947 BULL LEA -- Blue Delight x BLUE LARKSPURSan Antonio H.; Sire of stakes winners.
AMORETb.f., 1952 BULL LEA -- Mar-Kell x Blenheim IIBlack Helen H., Beverly H., Columbiana H.
ANN'S LEEf., 1945 BULL LEA -- Sun Gamonia x Sun BriarMary Dyer S.
ARMEDbr.g., 1941 BULL LEA -- Armful x CHANCE SHOTHORSE OF THE YEAR, CHAMPION Handicap Horse (twice), Suburban H., Washington Park H. (twice), Widener H. (twice), Arlington H., Stars Stripes H., Whirlaway S. (twice), Dixie S., Sheridan H. (twice), Pimlico Special, Washington H., McLennan H., Gulfstream Park H., Sysonby Mile, Double Event (1st Div.), Double Event (2nd Div.), Philadelphia H.
BEAU DANDYb.c., 1945 BULL LEA -- Some Pomp x POMPEYCanadian Championship S., Jockey Club Cup, Bryan and O'Hara H., King Edward Gold Cup, Autumn H.; Sire of a stakes winner.
BEAU MAXb.c., 1947 BULL LEA -- Bee Mac x WAR ADMIRALNon stakes winner, sire of stakes winners.
BEAU PRINCEb.c., 1958 BULL LEA -- Typhoon x WHIRLAWAYTravers S., American Derby, Michigan Mile and One-Sixteenth, Nassau County S., Fountain of Youth S., Lamplighter H.
BEWITCHbr.f., 1945 BULL LEA -- Potheen x WILDAIRCHAMPION 2yo Filly, CHAMPION Handicap Mare, Washington Park Futurity, Arlington Lassie S., Pollyanna S., Princess Pat S., Cleopatra H., Artful H., Modesty S., Misty Isle H., Beverly H., Vanity H., Hyde Park S., Vineland H., Black Helen H., Debutante S., Ashland S.
BIG MONEYb.c., 1949 BULL LEA -- War Kilt x MAN O' WARNon stakes winner; Sire of stakes winners.
BLUE HERITAGEb.c., 1952 BULL LEA -- Basrelief x Donatello IIWinner; Sire of stakes winners.
BUBBLEYbr.f., 1950 BULL LEA -- Blue Delight x BLUE LARKSPURKentucky Oaks, Vanity H., Pollyanna H., Debutante S.
(See 1944)
br.c., 1941 BULL LEA -- Dandy One x WHICHONEClassic participant - 3rd in Belmont S.
BULL PAGEbr.c., 1947 BULL LEA -- Our Page x BLUE LARKSPURHORSE OF THE YEAR in Canada, CHAMPION Older Horse in Canada, Canadian Championship S., Autumn H., Fred S. Livingston H.
BULL PLAYbr.c., 1942 BULL LEA -- Day Play x Mere PlayChurchill Downs H., Ben Ali H.
BULLISHb.g., 1944 BULL LEA -- Dismay x DISCOVERYIllimois Owners H., Hawthorne Sprint H.
CAPEADORbr.g., 1950 BULL LEA -- Bonnet Ann x BLUE LARKSPURTropical H., Thomas J. Healey H., Merchants' and Citizens' H., A.B. Letellier Memorial H.
CHANLEAbr.c., 1950 BULL LEA -- Aunt Chaney x BLUE LARKSPURSanta Anita Derby, San Vicente S., Desert Inn H.
(See 1948)
b.c., 1945 BULL LEA -- Hydroplane II x Hyperion (GB)CHAMPION HORSE OF THE YEAR, CHAMPION Handicap Male, CHAMPION 2yo Colt, CHAMPION 3yo Colt, Kentucky Derby, Preakness S., Belmont S., Futurity S., Pimlico Futurity, Elementary S., Jockey Club Gold Cup, American Derby, Jersey S., Flamingo S., Stars And Stripes H., Tanforan H., Chesapeake S., Sysonby Mile Derby Trial, Everglades H., Seminole H., Pimlico Special, Golden Gate Mile H., Hollywood Gold Cup, American H.
(See 1948)
b.c., 1945 BULL LEA -- Easy Lass x Blenheim IICHAMPION Sprinter, CHAMPION Handicap Male, Drexel H., Jerome H., Blue Grass S, Swift S., Phoenix H., Stars And Stripes H., Washington Park H., Widener H., Gallant Fox H., Arlington H., Whirlaway S., Mclennan H., Roger Williams H., Edward Burke H., Childrens Hospital H., Art Sparks H.
COMMODORE LEAb.c., 1946 BULL LEA -- O Play x OkapiBahamas H.
DE LUXEb.c., 1946 BULL LEA -- Nellie L. x Blenheim IINarragansett Special, King Philip H.
DEGAGEbr.c., 1943 BULL LEA -- Mnistress x Wise CounsellorTremont S.
DIXIE LADb.c., 1949 BULL LEA -- Quittance x HYPERIONEl Encino H., Sacramento Governor's H.
DURAZNAb.f., 1941 BULL LEA -- Myrtlewood x BLUE LARKSPURCHAMPION 2yo Filly, Hawthorne Juvenile S., Breeders' Futurity, Beverly H., Sheridan H., Clang H.
EASTGATEbr.g., 1953 BULL LEA -- Ralda x SickleSpalding Lowe Jenkins S.
(See 1947)
br.c., 1944 BULL LEA -- Unerring x INSCOPreakness S., Withers S., Flamingo S., Withers S., Blue Grass S., Derby Trial, Gallant Fox H., Tropical H.
FLEET BIRDbr.c., 1949 BULL LEA -- Birdlea x BLUE LARKSPURSunset H., Argonaut H., Golden Gate H.
GEN. DUKEbr.c., 1954 BULL LEA -- Wistful x SUN AGAINFlorida Derby, Fountain of Youth S., Everglades S.
GOLDEN LANDbr.c., 1952 BULL LEA -- The Golden Girl x HYPERIONGolden Gate Derby
GOOD BLOODbr.f., 1942 BULL LEA -- Diagnosis x SWEEPPrincess Pat S., Queen Isabella H., Arlington Matron H., Vineland H.
HARRIET SUEb.f., 1941 BULL LEA -- Bay Servant x BLACK SERVANTArlington Matron H., Ashland S., Steger H., Shawnee Park H.
(See 1952)
br.c., 1949 BULL LEA -- Jane Gail x Blenheim IIKentucky Derby, Arlington Futurity, Santa Anita Derby, San Vicente S., Phoenix H., Derby Trial
IN THE PINKf., 1944 BULL LEA -- Early Autumn x JAMESTOWNMisty Isle S.
(See 1957)
b.c., 1954 BULL LEA -- Iron Maiden x WAR ADMIRALKentucky Derby, Jersey S., Sheridan H., Laurance Armour Memorial S., Mclennan H.
KENTUCKY PRIDEbr.c., 1955 BULL LEA -- Blue Delight x BLUE LARKSPURRoyal Poinciana H.
LAP FULLf., 1950 BULL LEA -- Armful x CHANCE SHOTDel Mar Debutante S., Santa Ynez S.
LEANAbr.f., 1952 BULL LEA -- Quittance x HYPERIONIn Mexico: Clasico Copa de Oro
LEVEL LEAc., 1950 BULL LEA -- Level Best x EQUIPOISEJockey Club Gold Cup, Discovery H., Edgemere H.
LOOKOUT JESTERbr.f., 1944 BULL LEA -- Jesting x SNOB IIViscaya S.
MARK-YE-WELLb.c., 1949 BULL LEA -- Mar-Kell x Blenheim IISanta Anita H., Arlington Classic, American Derby, Santa Anita Maturity, San Antonio H., Lawrence Realization, San Fernando S., San Marcos H., Laurence Armour Memorial H., Stars And Stripes H., Clang H.
MISS ARLETTEb.f., 1952 BULL LEA -- Happiness x Blenheim IILa Centinela S.
MIZ CLEMENTINEb.f., 1951 BULL LEA -- Two Bob x THE PORTERCalifornia Derby, Hollywood Oaks, New Castle S., Cinema H., Sea Breeze S., Las Flores H., Vagrancy H., Pollyanna S., California Oaks, Goose Girl S., Yerba Buena H.
NEXT MOVEf., 1947 BULL LEA -- Now What x Chance PlayCHAMPION 3yo Filly, Coaching Club American Oaks, Beldame H., Cinderella S., Ladies H., Vanity H., Delaware Oaks, Gazelle S. Prioress S., Las Flores H., Beldame H., Firenze H., Bay Shore H., Santa Margarita H., Santa Maria H.
OLD CASHbr.g., 1955 BULL LEA -- Ballaroyal x BalladierCincinnati H., Tri-State H.
PERFECTIONb.f., 1950 BULL LEA -- Lady Lark x BLUE LARKSPURPlaya del Rey S.
PICADORb.g., 1947 BULL LEA -- Bonnet Ann x BLUE LARKSPURHialeah Turf H., Atlantic City Turf H., Ocean City H., Bougainvillea H.
PROPHETS THUMBc., 1946 BULL LEA -- Bee Mac x WAR ADMIRALDiscovery H., Pageant H.
PURSUITb.g., 1948 BULL LEA -- Sweep In x Blenheim IISeattle H., Premier's British Columbia Champion H. (twice), A.L. McLennan Plate (twice), Independence Day H., Hector McDonald Memorial H. (twice)
RE-ARMEDbr.c., 1947 BULL LEA -- Armful x CHANCE SHOTGeorge Woolf Memorial S.
REAL DELIGHTb.f., 1949 BULL LEA -- Blue Delight x BLUE LARKSPURCHAMPION 3yo Filly, CHAMPION Handicap Mare, Kentucky Oaks, Coaching Club American Oaks, Beldame H., Arlington Matron H. (twice), Beverly H., Black Eyed Susan H, Cleopatra S., Ashland S.
ROSEWOODf., 1954 BULL LEA -- Easy Lass x Blenheim IIMisty Isle H., Suwannee River H., Black Helen H.
SPINNING TOPbr.f., 1950 BULL LEA -- Whirlabout x POMPEYVineland H., Black Eyed Susan S.
THE FAT LADYbr.f., 1946 BULL LEA -- Bay Servant x BLACK SERVANTRoyal Oak S.
TORELLObr.c., 1945 BULL LEA -- Linger Awhile x St. GermansCentennial H.
TRENTONIANb.c., 1952 BULL LEA -- Iron Maiden x WAR ADMIRALGolden Gate Futurity, San Bruno S., El Camino H.
TWILIGHT TEARb.f., 1941 BULL LEA -- Lady Lark x BLUE LARKSPURHORSE OF THE YEAR, CHAMPION 2yo Filly, CHAMPION 3yo Filly, CHAMPION Handicap Mare, Classic S., Pimlico Special, Pimlico Oaks, Arlington Lassie S., Coaching Club American Oaks, Princess Doreen S., Queen Isabella H., Skokie H., Acorn S., Rennert H.
TWO LEAb.f., 1946 BULL LEA -- Two Bob x THE PORTERCHAMPION 3yo Filly, CHAMPION Handicap Mare, Hollywood Gold Cup, Santa Margarita H., Cleopatra H., Vanity H., Princess Doreen S., Artful S., Ramona H., Childrens Hospital H., San Mateo H.
TWOSYb.f., 1942 BULL LEA -- Two Bob x THE PORTERColonial H., Sagamore S., Carroll H.
YORKYb.c., 1957 BULL LEA -- Waynoka x WAR ADMIRALWidener H. (twice), McLennan H., Royal Palm H.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
A GLEAMb.f., 1949 Blenheim II -- Twilight Tear x BULL LEAHollywood Oaks, Milady H. (twice), Westerner S., Cinema H., Princess Pat S., Malibu Sequet S., Debonair S.
(See 1966)
b.c., 1963 ROUND TABLE -- Delta Queen x BULL LEACowdin S., Westchester S., Seminole H., Sunrise H., Toboggan H.; Sire of stakes winners.
AMARULLAHc., 1954 Nasrullah -- Amphora x BULL LEAStakes placed. Sire of stakes winners.
(See 1961)
b.c., 1958 Ambiorix -- Bull Poise x BULL LEAJersey Derby, Grey Lag H., Gotham S., Discovery H., Boardwalk H.; Sire of stakes winners.
ANOTHER LOVEb.f., 1963 Tudor Minstrel -- Amoret x BULL LEAMermaid S., National Stallion S. (Fillies)
APATONTHEBACKf., 1958 OLYMPIA -- Delta Queen x BULL LEASorority S., Fashion S.
ARBITRARYb.c., 1963 Never Give In -- Kinfolks x BULL LEASecond Season S.
BALCONY'S BABEb.f., 1968 First Balcony -- Romp Away x BULL LEASanta Ysabel S., Vallejo H., Wilshire H., Tropicana H., Gateway to Glory S., Las Madrinas H., Junipero Serra S., Mother Lode S.
BARBIZONbr.c., 1954 POLYNESIAN -- Good Blood x BULL LEACHAMPION 2yo Colt, Garden State S.; Sire of stakes winners.
BARDSTOWNbr.c., 1952 Alibhai -- Twilight Tear x BULL LEAGulfstream Park H., Widener H. (twice), Tropical Park H. (twice), Trenton H., Equipoise Mile, Quaker City H. (twice), Buckeye H., Longport H., Orange Bowl H., Appleton H.
BARE BLADEch.g., 1974 Blade -- Little Friend x BULL LEAGold Rush Futurity, Sunland Park H., Sunland Park Claiming S.
BARGAIN PACKAGEb.c., 1961 Royal Charger -- Princess Lea x BULL LEAKentucky Cardinal H. (NTR)
BLENTIGOb.c., 1948 Blenheim II -- Ore-The-Lea x BULL LEAConstitution H.
BLUESCOPEb.c., 1958 Helioscope -- Blue Jeans x BULL LEANashua H., Swaps H., Chicagoan H., Warren Wright Memorial H. (NTR), Myrtlewood S., Tri-State S.; sire of stakes winners.
(See 1971)
ch.c., 1968 BOLD LAD -- Real Delight x BULL LEAClassic participant, non stakes winner.
BOLDWOODc., 1966 BOLD RULER -- Rosewood x BULL LEALetellier Memorial H.
BOLERALEEb.f., 1962 BOLERO -- Ann's Lee x BULL LEADominion Day S.
(See 1960)
b.c., 1957 Princequillo -- Lyceum x BULL LEATropical Park H.
BRAMALEAbr.f., 1959 NASHUA -- Rarelea x BULL LEACoaching Club American Oaks, Jasmine S., Gazelle H. (dam of English Derby winner ROBERTO.)
BRENT'S QUEENb.f., 1965 CROZIER -- Lap Full x BULL LEAAnn Rutledge S.
BULL STORYbr.c., 1958 Mighty Story -- Esta Lea x BULL LEACapitol H., Pelleteri H.
CALGARY BROOKch.c., 1959 Tom Fool -- Meadow x BULL LEAPeninsula H.
CHARLESGATEch.c., 1954 PONDER -- Sho' Nuff x BULL LEABowie H.
COINERb.c., 1948 WHIRLAWAY -- Twilight Tear x BULL LEASpeers H., Polo Park H., Harvest H.
COURTEOUS LADYb.f., 1960 GALLANT MAN -- Fleurlea x BULL LEAConquistadores H., Charity Week H.
CUP MANb.g., 1952 Djeddah -- Tap Day x BULL LEAAbsecon Island H.
DAN'S COMMANDERf., 1972 Bold Commander -- Skittles x BULL LEAHeirloom S.
DEDICATED A.b.f., 1962 Dedicate -- Lyceum x BULL LEAMademoiselle S., Thanksgiving Day H.
DJEDDAH'S STARb.g., 1952 Djeddah -- Lake Success x BULL LEAChagrin Valley Turf H.
DUKE'S LEAbr.c., 1951 Blenheim II -- Maud Lea x BULL LEAMeadowland H., Clang H.
DUNCE CAP IIf., 1960 Tom Fool -- Bright Coronet x BULL LEAIn England: Lowther S., Seaton Delaval S.; in USA: BROODMARE OF THE YEAR (dam of CHAMPION Late Bloomer, stakes winners Johnny Appleseed, and Late Act)
(See 1971)
b.c., 1968 Fleet Nasrullah -- Amoret x BULL LEAFlorida Derby, Firecracker Breeders' Cup H.
EURASIAgr.g., 1956 Mahmoud -- Europa x BULL LEABougainvillea Turf H., Brandywine Turf H., Green Valley H., Orange Bowl H., Christmas H., City Of Miami H.
(See 1959)
ch.c., 1956 Royal Charger -- Last Wave x BULL LEASan Felipe H., Los Angeles H., California Derby., Westchester S., Childrens Hospital H., Yerba Buena H.; Sire of stakes winners.
FRENCH CORNERSb.c., 1966 Run For Nurse -- Starlit x BULL LEARichard A. Connell S., Christmas H., Labor Day H.
GALLANT WILLIAMb.c., 1965 GALLANT MAN -- Lignee x BULL LEALongacres Independence Day H., Space Needle H.
(See 1984)
b.c., 1981 Sovereign Dancer -- Sun Gate x BULL LEAPreakness S., Super Derby Invitational S., Omaha Gold Cup S., Cornhusker H.; Sire of stakes winners.
GOLD SEALb.g., 1968 Dusty Canyon -- Silver Maiden x BULL LEAOakland H., San Jose S., Alamedan H., Director's Cup H.
GOOD MOVEgr.f., 1958 NATIVE DANCER -- Next Move x BULL LEASpinaway S., Selima S. (NTR)
GRIDIRONbr.c., 1954 OLYMPIA -- Little Lea x BULL LEABroad Hollow Stpl., Harbor Hill Stpl., Fair Hill Stpl.
HAPPY WAYch.c., 1967 Herbager -- Siena Way x BULL LEAManhattan H.
HARRY'S SECRET JOYb.c., 1971 What A Pleasure -- Sun Gate x BULL LEAJupiter S.
(See 1956)
b.c., 1953 Heliopolis -- Twinkley x BULL LEAClassic participant, stakes placed.
HILLSBOROUGHbr.c., 1957 PONDER -- Good Blood x BULL LEADisplay H., Bowie H.
HOLY HANNAHb.f., 1963 MISTER JIVE -- Fourteen Carat x BULL LEAFleur de Lys S.
HONEY DEARb.f., 1958 COUNTERPOINT -- Miss Thrill x BULL LEANew York H. (ancestress of Belmont winner BIRDSTONE.)
HONOR BRIGHTf., 1962 Royal Charger -- Tige O'Myheart x BULL LEAMiss Woodford S.
HOSPITALITYb.c., 1963 Hail To Reason -- Our Patrice x BULL LEANational Stallion S. Sire of stakes winners.
IDUNf., 1955 Royal Charger -- Tige O'Myheart x BULL LEACHAMPION 2yo Filly, CHAMPION 3yo Filly, Frizette S., Gardenia S., Matron S., Gazelle H., Mother Goose S., Colonial H., Liberty Belle H., Maskette H., Columbiana H.
INVESTITUREb.f., 1967 NO ROBBERY -- Bright Coronet x BULL LEASecond Season Filly S.
IRISH LANCERc., 1957 Royal Charger -- Tige O'Myheart x BULL LEASaratoga Special, Lamplighter H., sire of stakes winners.
JACAMBRE (FR)c., 1962 Sicambre -- Japonica x BULL LEAIn France: Prix de Conde, Prix Saint-Roman, Prix Daru
KENTUCKY JUGb.c., 1961 Alibhai -- Jug Lu x BULL LEAHialeah Turf Cup H. (NCR), Kent S., Bougainvillea H.
KING REQUESTbr.c., 1956 REQUESTED -- Dorinda R. x BULL LEAWestern Reserve S.
KY. PIONEERc., 1961 NASHUA -- Rosewood x BULL LEAHutcheson S.
LA BELLE HELENEch.f., 1957 Novarullah -- Last Wave x BULL LEAMapes Hotel of Reno H.
LADY GOLCONDAbr.f., 1958 HASTY ROAD -- Girlea x BULL LEAMiss Illinois S. (dam of FOREGO.)
LANDSCAPINGbr.g., 1951 BIMELECH -- Puccoon x BULL LEACharles L. Appleton Memorial Steeplechase
LEA LANEb.f., 1952 Nasrullah -- Lea Lark x BULL LEADurazna S., Pollyanna S., Miss America S.
LEALLAHbr.f., 1954 Nasrullah -- Lea Lark x BULL LEACHAMPION 2yo Filly, Arlington Lassie S., Astoria S., Colleen S., Alcibiades S., Falls City H.
LEE LANEf., 1952 Nasrullah -- Lea Lark x BULL LEADuranza S., Pollyanna S., Miss America S.
MAKObr.c., 1960 Tulyar -- Puccoon x BULL LEACHAMPION Steeplechaser, Grand National Steeplechase, Harbor Hill Steeplechase H., Meadow Brook Steeplechase H. (twice), Saratoga Steeplechase H., Beverwyck Steeplechase H. (twice), Broad Hollow H.
(See 1958)
b.c., 1955 Miche -- Ore-the-Lea x BULL LEAClassic participant, non stakes winner.
NEARLYbr.c., 1953 Nirgal -- Dearlea x BULL LEAEl Camino H.
NO FOOLINGch.c., 1963 Tom Fool -- Real Delight x BULL LEASunland Park H.
NOTCHbr.g., 1959 NASHUA -- Kinfolks x BULL LEABayard Tuckerman Jr. H.
OLE BOB BOWERSb.c., 1963 Prince Blessed -- Blue Jeans x BULL LEATanforan H. (EWR). Sire of JOHN HENRY.
ON-AND-ONc., 1956 Nasrullah -- Two Lea x BULL LEAOhio Derby, Sheridan H., Brooklyn H., Mclennan H., Tropical Park H., Arch Ward Memorial H., Orange Bowl H.
PERFECT TANb.c., 1965 SUMMER TAN -- Perfection x BULL LEAFort Erie Challenge H., Vigil H., Bold Venture H.
PETIT BLEUch.f., 1947 Blue Flyer -- Lask x BULL LEAJeanne D'Arc S.
PIED D'ORc., 1957 Nasrullah -- Two Lea x BULL LEACamden H., Paumonok H., Princeton H.
(See 1956)
b.c., 1953 Goya II -- Maud Lea x BULL LEAClassic participant, stakes placed.
PLUM CAKEf., 1958 PONDER -- Real Delight x BULL LEAJasmine S. (granddam of ALYDAR.)
PREVAILINGb.c., 1966 NEVER BEND -- Breeze-a-Lea x BULL LEAGreat American S., Appleton H., Delaware Valley H., Gulfstream Park Dinner S.
PRINCE'S GATEb.f., 1957 SUN AGAIN -- Siena Way x BULL LEABed o' Roses H. (second dam of Preakness winner GATE DANCER, and of Champion DAVONA DALE.)
PRINCESS ARLEch.f., 1960 Princquillo -- Miss Arlette x BULL LEABlack Helen H.
PROCULAb.f., 1964 Intent -- Sweet Nell x BULL LEAPan Zareta S., Mr. Vale Memorial H.
PROUD POMPb.f., 1952 Heliopolis -- Airy x BULL LEAMarguerite S.
PUCKER UPf., 1953 OLYMPIA -- Lou Lea x BULL LEACHAMPION Handicap Mare, Jersey Belle S., Misty Isle H., Washington Park H., Arlington Matron H., Beldame H.
PUSS N BOOTSc., 1959 Solar Slipper -- Cat Key x BULL LEADisplay S., Niagara H., Autumn H., Fair Play S.
(See 1964)
b.c., 1961 Cohoes -- Tap Day x BULL LEABelmont S., Pimlico Futurity, Dwyer H., Travers S., Wood Memorial, Lawrence Realization S.
RED DOGb.c., 1959 Hafiz -- Miss Blue Lea x BULL LEASussex Turf H., Brandywine Turf H.
RESTLESS WINDch.c., 1956 WINDY CITY -- Lump Sugar x BULL LEAArlington Futurity, Washington Park Futurity, San Bernardino H., Tremont S., Prairie State S., National Stallion S.
REVERSEb.c., 1962 Turn-To -- Mis Grundy x BULL LEAMichigan Derby, Laurance Armour H., Labor Day S.
RIGHT PROUDb.c., 1960 OLYMPIA -- Mims x BULL LEAPimlico Futurity
ROGER H.b.c., 1954 Big Dipper II -- Anchoress x BULL LEAGraduation S.
(See 1962)
ch.c., 1959 Royal Charger -- Dragona x BULL LEAJimmy Durante S., Burlingame S., Santa Anita Derby
ROYAL EXCHANGEbr.c., 1965 Royal Coinage -- Little Stormy x BULL LEAGravesend H., Royal Palm H., City of Coral Gables H.
SECRET STEPgr.f., 1959 NATIVE DANCER -- Tap Day x BULL LEACHAMPION Sprinter in England (twice). In England: July Cup, King George S., Vernons Gold Cup
SISTER ANTOINEb.f., 1957 Royal Serenade -- Our Patrice x BULL LEASanta Margarita H., Gallorette S.
SNUGGERbr.f., 1951 POLYNESIAN -- Airy x BULL LEACorrection H.
SPICEBERRYb.c., 1963 Seaneen -- Bay Leaves x BULL LEABrandywine Turf H.
SPICYbr.f., 1955 Provocative -- Sanoj x BULL LEARocky Mountain Empire H.(twice), Centennial Derby, New Mexico State Fair H.(three times), Albquerque Derby H., Derby Trial H., Thanksgiving Day H., Ak-Sar-Ben H., Ak-Sar-Ben King's Plate H., Gay Dalton Memorial H., Littletown H., Columbine H., Denver Hilton Hotel H., Broadmoor Hotel H., Colorado Mile H.
SPRING STREETb.g., 1969 NASHUA -- Perfection x BULL LEAEllis Park Province H.
SPRING SUNSHINEb.f., 1966 NASHUA -- Real Delight x BULL LEAGolden Rod S.
SULLIVAN'S BUDb.c., 1958 Sullivan -- Cactus Bud x BULL LEACalifornia Breeders' Association S.
TER-CHI-BERZOb.c., 1962 Our Babu -- Alessta x BULL LEAHaggin S.
THEORYbr.c., 1947 PENSIVE -- No Blues x BULL LEAChampagne S., Bahamas H.
(See 1958)
br.c., 1955 Tom Fool -- Two Lea x BULL LEACHAMPION 3yo Colt, Kentucky Derby, Preakness S., Flamingo S., Florida Derby, Everglades S., Derby Trial, Fountain Of Youth S.; Sire of stakes winners.
TOUBOLEEbr.f., 1946 Toubo -- Leken x BULL LEASouthern California H.
TRADEWOODc., 1962 SWAPS -- Rosewood x BULL LEAKent S.
TRIBEbr.c., 1950 APACHE -- Sanoj x BULL LEAFountain Of Youth H.
TRIMLEAbr.c., 1974 Best Turn -- Jug Lu x BULL LEAChurchill Downs H.
TRITIUMbr.f., 1950 COSMIC BOMB -- Katylea x BULL LEASelima S., Philadelphia Turf H.
TRUE BELIEVERb.c., 1961 Nalur -- Lignee x BULL LEAEnchantment S., Benito Juarez H., Inspiracion H.
TURF CHARGERb.c., 1960 Royal Charger -- Blue Jeans x BULL LEALos Feliz S.; sire of stakes winners.
UNCLE PERCYc., 1958 Djeddah -- Tap Day x BULL LEAClang H.(twice), Oceanport H., Meadowland H.; In England: Daily Mirror H., Brighton Sprint H.

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