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Career History
(race data complete)
(gr.c. 1997, Danzig -- Sterling Pound x Seeking the Gold )
Classic participant in: 2000

Notes: Entered stud in 2002.

IMPORTANT VICTORIES & PLACINGS: (race data complete)

Finish Race Name
1stRisen Star S.
1stTom Fool H.
2ndBest Pal S.
2ndHollywod Juvenile Championship S.
3rdChurchill Downs H.
3rdFrank E. Kilroe Mile H.

IMPORTANT OFFSPRING: (work in progress)

Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
A SHIN GORGEOUSb.f., 2011 EXCHANGE RATE -- Hot Storm x Stormy AtlanticIn Japan: Ritto S.
ABUELO ADIB (VEN)b.c., 2012 EXCHANGE RATE -- Magnoila Moon x Malibu MoonIn Venezuela: Copa Juan Vicente Tovar
ALNAJIM ALMODEEA (KSA)bk.c., 2008 EXCHANGE RATE -- Yada Yada x Great AboveIn Saudi Arabia: King Abdulaziz Cup
BALL DANCINGbr.f., 2011 EXCHANGE RATE -- Ball Gown x Silver HawkSands Point S., Jenny Wiley S.
BE FAIRbr.f., 2006 EXCHANGE RATE -- Go Donna Go x Wild AgainLake George S.
BE MY BABY (ARG)ch.f., 2010 EXCHANGE RATE -- B Gone Blues x GONE WESTIn Argentina: Cl Eusonio C. Boni
BECKY'S EXCHANGEbr.f., 2006 EXCHANGE RATE -- Expect Becky x Valid ExpectationsDesert Vixen S.
BLAZING RATEch.c., 2003 EXCHANGE RATE -- Blazing Alarmiss x Mr. ProspectorFoolish Pleasure Breeders' Cup S., Florida Stallion In Reality S.
BLUE HEARTgr.f., 2009 EXCHANGE RATE -- Flawless Diamond x Saint BalladoBison City S., Jammed Lovely S.
C KARMAbr.f., 2006 EXCHANGE RATE -- C B Carm x SlickNatalma S., Pontalba S.
CHARM SCENT (ARG)b.f., 2014 EXCHANGE RATE -- Charming Melody (ARG) x Interpret (ARG)In Argentina: Raul Lottero, Asociacion Cooperativa de Cria
CLASS AND CASHgr.g., 2012 EXCHANGE RATE -- She's Indy Money x A.P. INDYLaurel Dash S.
CONKATEgr.f., 2009 EXCHANGE RATE -- First Glory x HONOUR AND GLORYBangles and Beads S.
COUP DE COEURgr.f., 2009 EXCHANGE RATE -- Bois D' Amour x WoodmanSoviet Problem S.
CREAM ONLYgr.f., 2004 EXCHANGE RATE -- Raspberry Eggcream x Time for a ChangeInstant Racing Breeders' Cup S.
DEFIANTLYbr.c., 2013 EXCHANGE RATE -- Perfectforthepart x DynaformerLet It Ride S.
DOUBLEDgr.f., 2010 EXCHANGE RATE -- Mayan Milagra x MENIFEESorority S.
EL AREEBgr.c., 2014 EXCHANGE RATE -- Feathered Diamond x A.P. INDYJames F. Lewis III S., Jerome S., Withers S.
ELKHABAR (ARG)gr.c., 2014 EXCHANGE RATE -- Elkhorn Gal x Deputy MinisterIn Argentina: Asociacion Bonaerense Propieta
ELLOS (ARG)gr.c., 2010 EXCHANGE RATE -- Gazelle Belle x Forest GazelleIn Argentina: Cl Austria
ENCRYPTIONb.c., 2011 EXCHANGE RATE -- Mystic Soul x BahriBayern S., Turning for Home S.
ERMINEch.f., 2003 EXCHANGE RATE -- Red Mischief x THIRTY SIX REDHoneybee S., Apple Blossom H., Falls City H.
EX VADOR (ARG)gr.c., 2012 EXCHANGE RATE -- Miss Vador (ARG) x NUMEROUSIn Argentina: Old Man S.
EXCAPERgr.c., 2009 EXCHANGE RATE -- Ada Ruckus x Bold RuckusConnaught Cup S.
EXCHANGELY (ARG)gr.f., 2010 EXCHANGE RATE -- Affairly (ARG) x COLONIAL AFFAIRIn Argentina: Cl Propietarios, Cl Condesa
EXCHANGER (ARG)c., 2010 EXCHANGE RATE -- Escayola (Arg) x RoyIn Argentina: Cl Precoces, Cl Luis Maria Doyhenard
EXCHANGING FIREbr.f., 2004 EXCHANGE RATE -- Shooting Fire x CAVEATWithout Feathers S., Serena's Song S., Honey Bee H.
EXCHANTEDb.f., 2009 EXCHANGE RATE -- Waverly Bell x IdabelDonnie Wilhite Memorial S.
EXEgr.f., 2006 EXCHANGE RATE -- Exaggerate x CAT THIEFJohn Franks Juvenile Fillies Turf S.
EXFACTORgr.c., 2009 EXCHANGE RATE -- Bright Magic x PrizedBashford Manor S., Sugar Bowl S.
GOLDEN PRODUCTIONb.f., 2009 EXCHANGE RATE -- Dyna Two x DynaformerPaseana S.
GORDOL DU MESch.c., 2010 EXCHANGE RATE -- Twinkle Twinkle x ARAZIIn Italy: Criterium Nazionale, Premio Pisa
GOVERNMENTSHUTDOWNgr.g., 2012 EXCHANGE RATE -- Shy Baby x Out of PlaceRollicking S.
GRACERgr.f., 2011 EXCHANGE RATE -- Tina's Goal x El CorredorBlue Mountain Juvenile Fillies S., Marshua S., Dearly Precious S.
GREEK SYMBOL (ARG)gr.c., 2011 EXCHANGE RATE -- Grecian (ARG) x EqualizeIn Argentina: Cl General Lavalle, Club Hipico De Tandil, Jockey Club de Azul, Jose M. Boquin, Cl Ciudad de La Plata
GRETA G (ARG)gr.f., 2013 EXCHANGE RATE -- Gringa Nativa (ARG) x OrphenIn Argentina: GP Mil Guineas - Consagracion de Potrancas
HAULACARA (ARG)b.c., 2011 EXCHANGE RATE -- Giant's Blondway x Giant's CausewayIn Peru: Pr Postin
HELD ACCOUNTABLEb.f., 2015 EXCHANGE RATE -- New Harmony x A.P. INDYJoseph A. Gimma S.
HILLHOUSE HIGHb.f., 2011 EXCHANGE RATE -- Pleasant Laughter x Coronado's QuestRoyal Heroine S.
HOMERIQUEgr.f., 2015 EXCHANGE RATE -- Chiquita Picosa x CONGAREEIn France: Prix de Psyche
HOOLIGANgr.f., 2012 EXCHANGE RATE -- Exceptionally x El Prado (IRE)Jamestown S.
HUALCARA (ARG)b.c., 2011 EXCHANGE RATE -- Giant's Blondway x Giant's CausewayIn Peru: Cl Almirante Miguel Grau Seminario, Cl Postin
HUALCARA (PER)br.c., 2011 EXCHANGE RATE -- Giant's Blondway x Giant's CausewayIn Peru: Pr Almirante Miguel Grau Seminario
INVASOR G.b.c., 2013 EXCHANGE RATE -- The Real Mayo x BERNARDINIIn Mexico: Cl Sprinters Potrillos
IRISH EXCHANGEbr.f., 2009 EXCHANGE RATE -- Silver N Satin x Silver DeputyLanghorne S.
JULIET'S SPIRITb.f., 2006 EXCHANGE RATE -- Juliet's Way x Farma WayMy Dear S., Ontario Debutante S., Lady Charles Town S.
JUSTENUFAPPEALch.f., 2008 EXCHANGE RATE -- Hasty Appeal x World AppealGolden Poppy S.
KALITHEA (ARG)gr.f., 2011 EXCHANGE RATE -- Katherine's Halo x Southern HaloIn Argentina: CHAMPION Older Mare, Cl General Luis Maria Campos, Polla de Potrancas, GP Seleccion, Cl Arturo R.Bullrich (twice)
KIP ROYAL (ARG)ch.c., 2010 EXCHANGE RATE -- Key West x Street CryIn Argentina: Cl General Lavalle
KIR ROYAL (ARG)ch.c., 2010 EXCHANGE RATE -- West Cammy x Street Cry (IRE)In Argentina: Estrellas Junior Sprint, Cl General Lavalle
KIRAN (ARG)br.c., 2012 EXCHANGE RATE -- Key to Time (ARG) x Fitzcarraldo (ARG)In Argentina: Embrujo
LA FAISAN BLANCHEgr.f., 2011 EXCHANGE RATE -- Tjinouska x CozzeneIn Bahrain: Lexus Cup
LADY ALEXANDERch.f., 2006 EXCHANGE RATE -- Lady Ironwood x HousebusterMongo Queen S., Honey Bee H., Manatee S., Red Cross S., Regret S.
LIBOR LADYch.f., 2005 EXCHANGE RATE -- Laughing Erin x Irish CastleWalking In Da Sun S., Klassy Breifcase S.
MARIANITAgr.f., 2005 EXCHANGE RATE -- Lady Barronette x SUMMER SQUALLIn Puerto Rico: Eduardo Cautino Insua, Dia De La Raza
MISS DELITEb.f., 2007 EXCHANGE RATE -- B T Delite x Cahill RoadCatcharisingstar S.
MISS ELLAb.f., 2012 EXCHANGE RATE -- Sweet Tune x WoodmanBeaumont S., Christiecat S., Caress S. (twice), Franklin County S.
MOZILLA (ARG)gr.f., 2011 EXCHANGE RATE -- Moscada Filly (ARG) x Not For Sale (Arg)In Argentina: Ramon Biaus, Hipodromo Argentino de Palermo, Los Criadores
MR BAILETTI (ARG)gr.c., 2014 EXCHANGE RATE -- Opera Lily x Street Cry (IRE)In Peru: Pr Gustavo Prado Heudebert, Pr Postin, GP Nacional Augusto B. Leguia
NICCOLA (ARG)br.f., 2013 EXCHANGE RATE -- Nicaragua x BernsteinIn Argentina: Eusonio C. Boni
NORIMBERGA (ARG)gr.f., 2012 EXCHANGE RATE -- Notroubleatall x GONE WESTIn Argentina: Cl Paseana
NORINA (ARG)gr.f., 2010 EXCHANGE RATE -- Nearly Mad (ARG) x Careafolie (IRE)In Argentina: Cl Manuel J. Guiraldes, Cl Carlos Tomkinson
OUTOFTHEPASTf., 2004 EXCHANGE RATE -- Bold Litagator x WATER BANKSorento S.
PHELPS (ARG)gr.c., 2012 EXCHANGE RATE -- Pelicula (ARG) x Potrillon (ARG)In Argentina: Cl Miguel Cane
QUERIDA REBECA (ARG)br.f., 2010 EXCHANGE RATE -- My Palestina (ARG) x Fitzcarraldo (ARG)In Argentina: GP Polla De Potrancas
R NAJAbr.f., 2014 EXCHANGE RATE -- Chirimoya x Cobra KingStar Shoot S.
RATE OF EXCHANGEbr.f., 2005 EXCHANGE RATE -- Hannah's Ink x PentelicusConnie Ann S.
RATED FIESTYgr.f., 2005 EXCHANGE RATE -- Fiesty Countess x Count the TimeKentucky Breeders' Cup S., Debutante S.
RECKLESS ABANDONb.c., 2010 EXCHANGE RATE -- Sant Elena (GB) x Efisio (GB)In France: HWT 2yo Colt, Prix Morny, Prix Robert Papin; In UK: Middle Park S., Norfolk S.
RECKLESS ABANDON (GB)b.c., 2010 EXCHANGE RATE -- Sant Elena (GB) x Efisio (GB)In UK: Norfolk S., In France: Prix Robert Papin, Middle Park S.
ROBINZONgr.c., 2009 EXCHANGE RATE -- Nabla x Theatrical (IRE)In Poland: Nagroda Haracza
RODAINIch.c., 2014 EXCHANGE RATE -- Blessings Court x PULPITIn UK: Flying Scotsman S.
SLEW'S EXCHANGEb.f., 2009 EXCHANGE RATE -- Cool Slew x SEATTLE SLEWKlassy Briefcase S.
SOUTHERN EXCHANGEgr.c., 2006 EXCHANGE RATE -- Miss Madeleine x WoodmanVictoria S., Colin S.
SPREZZATURA (ARG)gr.f.., 2014 EXCHANGE RATE -- Scrub Island x Black Tie Affair (IRE)In Argentina: Asociacion Cooperativa de Criadores
STALLION HEIRESSbr.f., 2014 EXCHANGE RATE -- Mendocino Beano x Smart StrikeJoseph E. Spanky Broussard Memorial Overnight S., Lacombe Memorial Overnight S.
SUNSET GLOWgr.f., 2012 EXCHANGE RATE -- Perfectforthepart x DynaformerSorrento S., Del Mar Debutante S.
SUSKA (ARG)ch.f., 2010 EXCHANGE RATE -- Summer Scent x KingmamboIn Argentina: Cl Espirita, GP Ignacio Correas
SWAP FLIPAROOgr.f., 2003 EXCHANGE RATE -- Fliparoo x BuckarooRoad Princess S., Test S., Sabin H.
SWEET EXCHANGEgr.f., 2004 EXCHANGE RATE -- Eishrela (GB) x Night ShiftRavolia S.
THUNDERING BLUEgr.c., 2013 EXCHANGE RATE -- Relampago Azul x ForestryIn UK: York S.; In Sweden: Stockholm Cup International
TORGAU (ARG)gr.f., 2013 EXCHANGE RATE -- Tuckahoe Road x Quiet AmericanIn Argentina: General Arenales
ULTIMO SUENO (ARG)gr.f., 2010 EXCHANGE RATE -- Pyxis x Street Cry (IRE)In Argentina: Cl Sibila
UNICO IDOLO (ARG)gr.c., 2013 EXCHANGE RATE -- Unbridled Idol x UNBRIDLEDIn Argentina: Urbano de Iriondo
(See 2012)
gr.g., 2009 EXCHANGE RATE -- Naseem x POINT GIVENMaxxam Gold Cup H.
VICTORY TO VICTORYch.f., 2014 EXCHANGE RATE -- Points of Grace x POINT GIVENNatalma S.
WHITE CLOVERgr.f., 2012 EXCHANGE RATE -- Red Mischief x THIRTY SIX REDOur Mims S., Wayward Lass S.
(See 2007)
gr.c., 2004 EXCHANGE RATE -- Saragoza x Crafty ProspectorFederico Tesio S., Sapling S., Barbaro S.
XTRA LUCKbr.g., 2011 EXCHANGE RATE -- Miu Miu x Kris S.Louisville H.
YOU LUCKIE MANNgr.c., 2006 EXCHANGE RATE -- Terri's Choice x West AcreBirdonthewire S.
YOURMONEYSNOGOODgr.f., 2003 EXCHANGE RATE -- North to South x Northern FlagshipDowd Mile S.
ZEE ZEEgr.f., 2005 EXCHANGE RATE -- Emblem of Hope x DynaformerHappy Ticket S., Edgewood S.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
CARELESS HUNTERb.g., 2009 Forest Danger -- Shimmering Sunset x EXCHANGE RATESpring Overnite Sprint S., Lethbridge Open S., Sprint Series S., ACTRA Troyer Town Sprint Series S. , Millarville Sprint S. (twice)
CASH CALL KITTENch.c., 2015 Kitten's Joy -- Medium of Exchange x EXCHANGE RATESage of Monticello S.
ROCKYSHOMERUNb.c., 2010 Mass Media -- Crazyncrooked x EXCHANGE RATEHard Spun S.

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