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Career History
(race data complete)
(bk.c. 1989, Devil's Bag -- Plenty O'Toole x Raise a Cup )
Classic participant in: 1992

Notes: Entered stud in 1996. Died in May 2017 at age 28.

IMPORTANT VICTORIES & PLACINGS: (race data complete)

Finish Race Name
1stPimlico Special H.
1stSuburban H.
1stBroward H.
1stExcelsior H.
1stBrooklyn H.
1stGotham S.
1stSuburban H.
1stGulfstream Park H.
1stWood Memorial S.
2ndPimlico Special H.
2ndWestchester H.
2ndN.Y.R.A. Mile H.
2ndWhitney H.
2ndWoodward S.
2ndPhilip H. Iselin H.
2ndPimlico Special H.
2ndJockey Club Gold Cup
2ndOaklawn H.
2ndTravers S.
2ndWoodward S.
3rdMetropolitan H.
3rdWhitney H.
3rdJim Dandy S.

IMPORTANT OFFSPRING: (work in progress)

Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
ABIDONbr.g., 2005 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Poetic Image x Perrault (GB)Iowa Stallion S.
ALTIVAgr.f., 2008 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Sevasmoke x Smoke GlackenIn Puerto Rico: Dia De Reyes
BANISHED LOVERbr.f., 1998 DEVIL HIS DUE -- The Private One x Private ThoughtsClaiming Crown Glass Slipper S.
BELCEBUb.c., 2009 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Sure Sign x SIGNAL TAPIn Ecuador: Cl Presidente del Hipodromo, Cl Independencia de Guayaquil
BEWARE THE DEVILb.g., 2009 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Slew Peggy Slew x Evansville SlewIowa Stallion Futurity, Iowa Stallion S.
(See 2001)
br.c., 1998 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Flying Hill x FLYING PASTERLaurel Futurity
CAT EYESbr.f., 2004 DEVIL HIS DUE -- S'Mor Sunshine x Sunshine ForeverLouisiana Cup Ladies Starter S.
CHUNKbr.g., 2009 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Rocktheboat x SUMMER SQUALLVan Berg Derby
CUENTMELOTOObr.c., 2005 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Legal Miss x Law SocietyIn Panama: CHAMPION Imported 3yo Colt, CHAMPION Imported Stayer, Clasico Dia Internacional Del Trabajador, Clasico Presidente De La Republica, Clasico Independencia Cerveza Panama, Classico Ano Nuevo
DANCE FOR FUNbr.f., 1998 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Dancing Style x DanzigFillies and Mares H.
DELRAY DEWch.f., 1998 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Worldly Nell x World AppealWild Rose H., Central Iowa S.
DEVIL AT THE WIREf., 2000 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Ballybeg x Bold RuckusGaily Gaily S.
DEVIL TIMEbr.g., 1997 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Vivid Concert (IRE) x Chief SingerSydney Gendelman Memorial H.(three times), Howard B. Noonan S., Edward Babst Memorial H. (twice), George Lewis Memorial S., Governor's Buckeye Cup S., Best of Ohio Endurance S.
DEVIL WEARS PRADOch.c., 2006 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Prado's Mystique x El PradoIn Russia: Trial S., Summer S., Breeders' Union First Crown S.
DEVIL'S BANDITbr.g., 1998 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Stylish Lass x Captain Nick (GB)Gene Francis and Associates H. (twice)
DEVIL'S DUE WESTgr.g, 2012 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Prophesy x PULPITSnack S.
DEVIL'S LIL BITbr.f., 2005 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Princess Time x Count the TimeBest of Ohio Distaff S.
DEVILS DISCIPLEbr.g., 2002 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Stormfeather x Storm BirdCriterium S., Dear Murray S.
DEVILWENTOGEORGIAgr.f., 2011 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Stitznwolf x Wolf Power (SAF)Lyphard S.
DOUBLE DEVILS FOODf., 1997 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Boat in a Moat x Sauce BoatMisty Isle S.
FIERY LAKEb.g., 2005 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Sweet and Dandee x Pass the LineWolverine S. (twice)
FIJI BOYch.g., 2006 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Fiji Girl x AtticusAndy Passero Memorial Cup S.
FLARIONS FLAMEch.c., 2000 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Apalachee Relation x ApalacheeNever Miss T.V. Overnight S.
FLIP SIDEbr.f., 2002 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Stormy Reflection x Storm BirdTomboy S., J. William Petro Memorial H., Queen City Oaks
FROZEN ANGELbr.g., 2005 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Eighty Below Eve x Now ListenJohn Wayne S.
GALLANT FIGHTERbr.c., 2002 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Spirit of Fighter x Gallant KnaveIn Puerto Rico: Mister Frisky
GEEKY GORGEOUSbr.f., 2009 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Thatholeinmypocket x Pure PrizeRegret S. (twice), New Jersey Breeders H., Cornucopia S., Eleven North H., Pink Ribbon S.
GET THEE HENCEbr.c., 2004 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Worthy Lady x Fit to FightFront Range S.
HIJO DE SHELTOWEEbr.g., 2012 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Miss Sheltowee x NajranBest of Ohio Sprint S.
HOSTILITYbr.f., 2000 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Nifty Slew x SlewdledoTime To Leave S., Thomas J. Malley S., Hancock Sounty H.
KARL'S SPEED DEMONb.g., 2006 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Eighty Below Eve x Now ListenGray's Lake S.
LADY BEELZEBUBbr.f., 2001 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Sister Diane x BIG SPRUCEDrumtop S.
LESLEY BE JUDGEDbr.f., 2008 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Nemisia x RubianoUseeit S., Muscogee Nation S.
LIL MEPHISTOPHELESc., 1998 DEVIL HIS DUE -- J.'s Fine Gal x Mr. RedoyJim Edgar Illinois Futurity
MANITOWISHc., 1997 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Femmette x His MajestyTex's Zing S.
MISTER DEVILLEc., 1997 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Sudden Mist x All of a SuddenIndiana Derby, Great West S., Nebraska Derby
NICHOLLE'S DEVILc., 1999 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Christofle x COJAKSilver Deputy S.
PEMAQUID POINTbr.c., 1999 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Miss Gidder x AVATARIndiana Futurity, Fort Wayne S., Hillsdale S.
REAL HEARTg., 2008 DEVIL HIS DUE -- A Real Sweetheart x Our EmblemMillarville Derby, Sprint Series S.
RECORDbr.c., 2003 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Believe x Chaimes BandDerby Trial S.
ROSES IN MAYbr.c., 2000 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Tell a Secret x Speak JohnPrairie Meadows Cornhusker Breeders' Cup H., Whitney H., Kentucky Cup Classic; In U.A.E.: UAE World Cup
SALUSTINOgr.c., 2006 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Sincere x HOLY BULLIn Peru: Clasico Batalla de Tarapaca, Cl Miguel A. Checa Eguiguren
SHE'S A DEVIL DUEf., 1998 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Fapulous Star x FappianoAlcibiades S., Top Flight S.
SLIDES CHOICEb.f., 2006 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Slide Along x BinalongTah Dah S., Miss Ohio S., Royal North S., Tomboy S., Queen City Oaks, Best of Ohio Distaff S., Rose Debartolo Memorial S., Best of Ohio Distaff S.
SMOKE THE DEVILbr.g., 2007 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Smoke Glack Attack x Smoke GlackenCharles Hesse III H.
SPITE THE DEVILbr.c., 2000 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Samantha D. x CRYPTOCLEARANCEWithers S., Evan Shipman H. (twice), Empire Classic H. (twice)
STOP A TRAINbr.f., 2002 DEVIL HIS DUE -- A Kiss Away x CozzeneIllini Princess H. (twice), Bungalow H., Peach Of It H., Central Iowa S.
TUBBY TIMEch.g., 2006 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Gentle Princess x TejanoBlair's Cove S. (twice), Minnesota Turf Championship S.
VINCITOREbr.c., 2011 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Ocean Isle x DynaformerIn Ecuador: CHAMPION Imported 3yo colt, Cl Carlos San Andres, Cl Sr. Eduardo Jairala F., Cl Julio Arosemena Peet
VOLUNTARIOSAb.f., 2000 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Splashing Lil x BucksplasherIn Puerto Rico: Clasico Blanqui R., Criadores Hembras
VOODOO CHARMbr.c., 2008 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Carly Pooh x Beau GeniusNew Jersey Breeders H.
WHO DEVIL WHObr.c., 1998 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Silvie Who x Jacques WhoIowa Breeders' Derby
WORLDLY PLEASUREbr.f., 2000 DEVIL HIS DUE -- Fast Pleasure x Fast PlayPolitely S.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
ALL DUE RESPECTbr.f., 2007 Value Plus -- Aunt Due x DEVIL HIS DUEOcala S.
DEVIL AND A HALFch.g., 2007 Storm and a Half -- Rainbows Are Due x DEVIL HIS DUEArkansas Breeders' S. (twice)
DEVIL BY DESIGNbr.f., 2006 MEDAGLIA D'ORO -- Beauty's Due x DEVIL HIS DUELucy Scribner S., Chicago H.
DEVIL DISTINCTIONbr.f., 2015 With Distinction -- Jade Julia x DEVIL HIS DUEIn Puerto Rico: Cl Verset's Jet S.
EKONTc., 2007 Kela -- Eva Marie x DEVIL HIS DUEIn Russia: Nalchik S.
EL NEGRO TORRESbr.c., 2008 Don Guido -- Baby is Due x DEVIL HIS DUEIn Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico Futurity
FLIP DADDYch.g., 2012 The Daddy -- Flip Side x DEVIL HIS DUEHoover S.
(See 2010)
br.g., 2007 Awesome Again -- Worldly Pleasure x DEVIL HIS DUELone Star Derby, Santa Anita H. (three times), Goodwood S., San Antonio S. (twice), Californian S., Hollywood Gold Cup H. (twice), Awesome Again S., Charles Town Classic S., Native Diver S., Pacific Classic
GET PAIDbr.f., 2013 DON'T GET MAD -- Paid x DEVIL HIS DUEOklahoma Classic Filly and Mare Starter Allowance S.
INAGOODWAYch.f., 2013 Save Big Money -- Truth Takes Time x DEVIL HIS DUEMore Than Even S. (twice), Oklahoma Classic Distaff S.
JAKE EL PIRATA (VEN)b.c., 2010 Uncle Bruce -- Missed Dues x DEVIL HIS DUEIn Venezuela: CHAMPION Sprinter, Copa Catire Bello, Cl De Los Sprinters, Copa Asociacion Hipica de Propietarios
JUNE BUG BENbr.g., 2012 One Union -- Upnotdown x DEVIL HIS DUEIdaho Cup Thoroughbred Derby
KAT'S INFATUATIONgr.f., 2014 Silver City -- Red Thread x DEVIL HIS DUEBara Lass S.
KOLObr.c., 2004 Dyanformer -- Beauty's Due x DEVIL HIS DUEEddie Logan S.
MONTEROb.f., 2002 LUIS QUATORZE -- Push Her x DEVIL HIS DUEWild Rose H.
PAPABRYANb.c., 2013 Harbor Master -- Donnella x DEVIL HIS DUEIn Puerto Rico: Copa Navidad S.
PRESERVATAch.f., 2005 Broken Vow -- Double Devils Food x DEVIL HIS DUELa Verendrye S. (twice), Canada Day S., Winnipeg Sun S.
QUEEN NINAb.f., 2003 Nineeleven -- Queen's Due x DEVIL HIS DUEBueno S.
RITA KATRINAch.f., 2004 Storm and a Half -- False Rumor x DEVIL HIS DUELady Razorback Futurity, Rainbow Miss S.
ROUGE (PER)b.f., 2011 Privately Held -- Glinka x DEVIL HIS DUEIn Peru: Cl Batalla de Ayacucho
SALTAMONTESbr.f., 2008 WHEELAWAY -- Just Gabi x DEVIL HIS DUEFriendly Beauty S.
SHOCKTIMEbr.f., 2009 Langhuhr -- Red Thread x DEVIL HIS DUETTA Sales Futurity
SIOUX APPEALb.f., 2012 Successful Appeal -- Devil Not Me x DEVIL HIS DUENorthern Lights Debutante S., Minnesota Oaks, Glitter Star Minnesota Distaff Classic Championship S.
SMOOTH BERTbr.c., 2010 Smooth Jazz -- Little Bertie x DEVIL HIS DUEDamon Runyon S.
TALKING TREASUREbr.f., 2004 Catienus -- Annual Dues x DEVIL HIS DUEBouwerie S., Lady D'Accord S., New York Oaks, Fleet Indian S.
TEDDY TIMEb.g., 2013 Northern Afleet -- Devil Not Me x DEVIL HIS DUEBlair's Cove S.
TIO LLAMAL (VEN)ch.c., 2007 Sopran Fair -- Missed Dues x DEVIL HIS DUEIn Venezuela: Copa Tintoreto, Clasico Jockey Club de Valencia, Copa Joyful Minister, Cl Natalicio De El Libertador
WINGS OF WARbr.g., 2007 Kafwain -- Devil's Wing x DEVIL HIS DUERalph Hayes S., John Wayne S.

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