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(b.c. 1915, Sweep -- Ballet Girl x St. Leonards )
Classic participant in: 1918

Notes: Leading Sire in 1937.


Finish Race Name
1stLaurel H.
1stBaltimore H.
1stInaugural H.
1stPlattsburgh H.
1stBlue and Grey H.
1stMonumental H.
1stAnnapolis H.
1stLatonia Inaugural H.
1stHavre de Grace H.
2ndFrontier H.
2ndPimlico Fall Serial Weight-For-Age No. 2
2ndSaranac H.
2ndLaurel H.
2ndLatonia Inaugural H.
2ndInaugural H.
3rdAnnapolis H.
3rdQuickstep H.
3rdWalden S.
3rdBowie H.
3rdHavre de Grace H.
3rdPimlico Autumn H.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
ALGOLch.c., 1925 THE PORTER -- Surplice x FAIR PLAYRex H., Country Club H.
(See 1944)
b.c., 1941 THE PORTER -- Sun Bijur x Sun BriarCowdin S., Primer S., Washington Park Juvenile S., Joliet S.; Sire of stakes winners.
ANEROIDb.c., 1933 THE PORTER -- Outburst x MESSENGERSuburban H., Riggs H., Carter H., San Antonio H., Baltimore Spring H., Harford H., Blackstone Valley H., Gittings H.
ARABS ARROWbr.c., 1934 THE PORTER -- Hedemora x TroutbeckLatonia H., Louisville H., Churchill Downs H. (three times), Kentucky H., Clark H., Ben Ali H.
ATTENDANTb.g., 1940 THE PORTER -- Barbara x Prince PalatineNyatt H.
BROAD GRINb.g., 1941 THE PORTER -- Delight x Dis DoncSpalding Lowe Jenkins S.
BROCADOb.f., 1929 THE PORTER -- Brocatelle x Radium (GB)Adirondack H.
EXPRESSIONb.f., 1942 THE PORTER -- Never Change x Royal MinstrelArlington Lassie S.
(See 1937)
ch.c., 1934 THE PORTER -- Caledonia x CreigangowerClassic S., Withers S.
(See 1938)
b.g., 1935 THE PORTER -- Grizel x CHICLEClassic participant, non stakes winner.
GREENOCKch.c., 1925 THE PORTER -- Starella x Star ShootChicago Heights H., Dearborn S., Collinsville H.
HALTALbr.c., 1937 THE PORTER -- False Modesty x Whisk Broom IIDixie H., McLennan Memorial H., Saratoga H., Clark H.
(See 1939)
ch.c., 1936 THE PORTER -- Janet Blair x Sir MartinBlue Grass S., Saranac H.
INHALEb.f., 1935 THE PORTER -- Fatima II x Radium (GB)Demoiselle S., Astoria S., Rosedale S., Youthful S.
ISLAMb.c., 1926 THE PORTER -- Dream of Allah x COLINMiami Jockey Club H.
(See 1946)
ch.g., 1943 THE PORTER -- First Love x Sir Gallahad IIIClassic participant, non stakes winner.
LUGGAGEch.c., 1927 THE PORTER -- Weary x Garry HerrmannQueens Hotel Cup H.
MAINE CHANCEch.c., 1931 THE PORTER -- Starella x Star ShootMohawk S.
(See 1932)
ch.c., 1929 THE PORTER -- Pretty Peggy x Light BrigadeClassic participant, stakes placed.
PASHAch.c., 1934 THE PORTER -- Fatima II x Radium (GB)Jerome H., Bay Meadows Nursery S.
PAULINA, 1925 THE PORTER -- Sailing Along x PennantPimlico Home-Bred S.
PEGGY PORTERch.f., 1934 THE PORTER -- Pretty Peggy x Light BrigadePriscilla Alden H.
PORT HARLEMb.f., 1926 THE PORTER -- Harlem Lass x BroomstickIllinois S., Churchill Downs Debutante S., Clipsetta S.
PORT O' PLAYb.c., 1926 THE PORTER -- By Play x LUKE MCLUKEPolo Park H.
PORTAMch.c., 1929 THE PORTER -- Amaryllis x STAR HAWKBowie Kindergarten S.
(See 1941)
b.c., 1938 THE PORTER -- The Blonde x Mad HatterWashington Park Futurity, Santa Anita Derby, Chesapeake S.
PORTER'S MITEb.c., 1936 THE PORTER -- Minima x FRIAR ROCKBelmont Futurity, Santa Maria S., James C. Thornton Memorial H., Granite State H., Champagne S., Tanforan Juvenile S., Twin Peaks H.
PORTERNESIAbr.c., 1928 THE PORTER -- Polynesia x PolymelianTroy S.
(See 1935)
b.c., 1932 THE PORTER -- Garden Rose x COLINSanta Anita H., Narragansett Special, Eastern Shore H., San Antonio H., Withers S.
SCHOOL TIEb.g., 1943 THE PORTER -- Academy x Sir Gallahad IIILawrence Realization
SILVERDALEch.c., 1926 THE PORTER -- Margaret Ogden x OdgenArlington Inaugural H. (twice), Edgewater Gulf Hotel Speepstakes, Miami Beach H., Miami Jockey Club H.
(See 1932)
ch.c., 1929 THE PORTER -- Sobranje x Polymelus (GB)Latonia Derby, Dixie H.
TALKED ABOUTb.c., 1934 THE PORTER -- Lucille Wright x Bud LernerChicago H.
(See 1928)
b.c., 1925 THE PORTER -- Brocatelle x Radium (GB)American Derby, Lincoln H., Latonia Derby, Queen City H., Grainger Memorial H., Cincinnati Trophy, Robert M. Sweitzer H.
(See 1936)
b.c., 1933 THE PORTER -- Sun Agnes x Sun BriarClassic participant, non stakes winner.
TWO BOBch.f., 1933 THE PORTER -- Blessings x CHICLEKentucky Oaks
(See 1939)
b.c., 1936 THE PORTER -- Trap Star x Trap RockAmerican H., Narragansett Governor's H., Francis S. Peabody Memorial H., King Philip H., Paul Revere H., Derby Trial, Sheridan H., San Francisco H.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
(See 1954)
ch.c., 1951 Ace Admiral -- Daffy x THE PORTERClassic participant, stakes placed.
BACK HOEb.c., 1952 Education -- Portaire x THE PORTERWestchester S.
BLUE CYPRUSb.f., 1941 BLUE LARKSPUR -- Peggy Porter x THE PORTERBenjamin Franklin H.
(See 1937)
ch.c., 1934 Burning Blaze -- Owena x THE PORTERTravers S., Philadelphia H., Maryland H., Hawthorne H., Saranac H., Ben Ali H.
CHATTERLYb.c., 1954 GRANDPERE -- Hit x THE PORTERDenver H., Chet Nelson H., Newmexico Futurity, State of New Mexico H. (twice), Raton Futurity, Gay Dalton Memorial H. (twice), Albuquerque Inaugural H., City of Raton H., Colorado-New Mexico Futurity
DARK RULERb.c., 1952 BIMELECH -- Dark Imp x THE PORTERCommonwealth H.
DR. ALMACb.g., 1945 Happy Argo -- Sallandry x THE PORTERWilliam Penn S.
EASTERN FLYWAYb.c., 1947 ROMAN -- Miss Porter x THE PORTERBowie Kindergarten S.
ELVARDOch.g., 1952 MIOLAND -- Hit x THE PORTERNew Mexico Futurity, Home-Bred Futurity S.
FLORAGINAch.f., 1935 Gino -- Floranada x THE PORTERSanta Clara H.
FLYING WEATHERb.c., 1943 Happy Argo -- Port Weather x THE PORTERW.P. Burch Memorial H.
ICARIANch.g., 1951 WAR ADMIRAL -- Legend Bearer x THE PORTERAqueduct H.
LYCKAb.f., 1953 Royal Gem II -- Portmora x THE PORTERBetsy Ross S., Pageant S.
MASTER BIDch.c., 1943 PSYCHIC BID -- Light Brocade x THE PORTERSwift S., Bougainvillea H., Spalding Lowe Jenkins S.
MISS BALLADIERb.f., 1942 Balladier -- Shaker Maid x THE PORTERFalls City H.
MIZ CLEMENTINEb.f., 1951 BULL LEA -- Two Bob x THE PORTERCalifornia Derby, Hollywood Oaks, New Castle S., Cinema H., Sea Breeze S., Las Flores H., Vagrancy H., Pollyanna S., California Oaks, Goose Girl S., Yerba Buena H.
PEPPER PATCHch.f., 1957 Mr. Busher -- Legend Bearer x THE PORTERTop Flight H.
RANGEMASTERbr.g., 1951 Fiat Lux -- Hit x THE PORTERHome-Bred Futurity S.
RAYTOPb.g., 1949 TOP MILK -- Threader x THE PORTERNew Mexico Futurity, Home-Bred Futurity S.
REGISTERb.f., 1953 BIMELECH -- Expression x THE PORTERSpinaway S.
SEEING EYEb.c., 1941 Bull Dog -- Owena x THE PORTERDerby Mexicano, Stakes de la Condesa, Handicap Jalisco, Handicap Popocatepetl, Handicap Morelos, Premio Navidad
SKY MIRACLEb.g., 1946 Teddy's Comet -- Harlem Belle x THE PORTERTrenton H., Miles Standish S., Maryland H.
(See 1953)
b.g., 1950 COUNT FLEET -- Expression x THE PORTERFlamingo S., Suburban H., Breeders' Futurity, Kentucky Jockey Club S., Dixie H.
TIPPERbr.f., 1953 Endeavour II -- Tippy x THE PORTERLa Centinela S.
TOTAL TRAFFICch.g., 1954 Coastal Traffic -- Ortaisi x THE PORTERMichigan Mile
TWO LEAb.f., 1946 BULL LEA -- Two Bob x THE PORTERCHAMPION 3yo Filly, CHAMPION Handicap Mare, Hollywood Gold Cup, Santa Margarita H., Cleopatra H., Vanity H., Princess Doreen S., Artful S., Ramona H., Childrens Hospital H., San Mateo H.
TWOSYb.f., 1942 BULL LEA -- Two Bob x THE PORTERColonial H., Sagamore S., Carroll H.

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