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Career History
(work in progress)
(br.c. 1907, Ben Brush -- Pink Domino x Domino )
Classic participant in: 1910

Notes: Died in 1931. Leading Sire in 1918, and 1925. Leading Broodmare Sire in 1941.


Finish Race Name
1stFuturity S.
1stCarlton S.
1stNational Stallion S.
1stLawrence Realization H.
1stLawrence Realization
2ndHopeful S.
2ndSaratoga Special
3rdGreat Trial S.
3rdBrooklyn Derby

IMPORTANT OFFSPRING: (work in progress)

Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
(See 1921)
br.c., 1918 SWEEP -- Sue Smith x MasettoMontague H., Pimlico Autumn H.
CATTAILbr.c., 1930 SWEEP -- Kitty Puss x Manager WaiteAberdeen S., New England States S., Mohawk S.
CHEROKEEb.c., 1920 SWEEP -- Fontarabia x OddfellowHarold S.
(See 1916)
br.c., 1913 SWEEP -- Lampgirl x LamplighterClassic participant
CINEMAb.f., 1923 SWEEP -- Magic Lantern II x Le Sagittaire (FR)Spinaway S.
CLEAN PLAYb.c., 1924 SWEEP -- Play Toy x Star ShootChatham H.
(See 1919)
br.c., 1916 SWEEP -- Hazel Burke x SemproniusCHAMPION 2yo Colt, Hopeful S., Brooklyn H., Oakdale H., John R. McLean Memorial Cup
(See 1923)
br.c., 1920 SWEEP -- Polistena x PolymelusBowie Inaugural H., King Edward Gold Cup, Frontier H. (twice), Pimlico Spring H., R.J. Mackenszie Memorial H., Queen's Hotel Cup
(See 1928)
b.c., 1925 SWEEP -- Pliant x The CommonerLouisiana Derby
LADY CAPULETb.f., 1926 SWEEP -- Juliette II x Marco (GB)Astoria S.
(See 1921)
br.c., 1918 SWEEP -- Ethel Pace x TroubadorWithers S., Hopeful S.
LITTLE LADb.g., 1930 SWEEP -- Panasain x PETER PANFrivoloty S., Montauk S.
LITTLE VISITORb.f., 1922 SWEEP -- Margaret Hastings x HASTINGSAshland Oaks, Provencial H.
LOVELY MANNERSb.c., 1924 SWEEP -- Sournoise x Verwood (Fr)Harold S.
LUCILEbr.f., 1927 SWEEP -- Nettie Hastings x HASTINGSDebutante S., Hinata S.
(See 1935)
br.g., 1932 SWEEP -- Natica x Stefan the GreatSwift S., Huron H., Derby Consolation S., Widener Challenge Cup
NANCY, 1919 SWEEP -- Frances Dillon x The CommonerTomboy H., Rosedale S.
PATRICIA, 1923 SWEEP -- Ethelberta x EthelbertBeldame H., Statler Hotel H., Initial H.
PEN ROSEb.f., 1916 SWEEP -- Hanrose x HANOVERBeldame H., Gazelle H., Ladies H.
PINKb.f., 1929 SWEEP -- Lufian x Trap RockNursery S.
POLVObr.c., 1921 SWEEP -- First Peep x DieudonneOjibway H.
RAMONEURgr.c., 1924 SWEEP -- Ave Russell x RussellAutumn Days S., Blemton S.
(See 1919)
b.f., 1916 SWEEP -- Lady Strathmore x STRATHMOREDebutante S., Blue Grass S., Ashland Oaks
(See 1924)
br.c., 1921 SWEEP -- Iridescence x PETER PANToboggan H.
(See 1931)
b.c., 1928 SWEEP -- Nettie Hastings x HASTINGSEndurance H.
SWEEP BYbr.c., 1919 SWEEP -- Iridescence x PETER PANMiller S., Hudson S.
SWEEP LIKEb.c., 1931 SWEEP -- Lady Braxted x Braxted (GB)Campau H., Hotel Sinton H.
(See 1919)
b.c., 1916 SWEEP -- Yodler x MeddlerGrand Union Hotel S., Whirl S.
SWEEP PARKb.f., 1922 SWEEP -- Floral Park x HAMBURGClipsetta S., Cincinnati Trophy
SWEEPILLAb.f., 1931 SWEEP -- Camilla S. x OrmondaleIn Cuba: Cuban Juvenile S.
(See 1925)
br.c., 1922 SWEEP -- Lady Eastman x MasettoChesapeake S.
SWEEPMENTbr.g., 1916 SWEEP -- Raiment x HENRY OF NAVARREQueensboro Steeplechase, Queensboro Steeplechase, Winfield Steeplechase, Glendale Steeplechase H., New York Steeplechase H., North American Steeplechase H.
SWEEPRUSHb.c., 1930 SWEEP -- Rushwater x The CommonerIllinois Derby
SWEEPSTERb.c., 1924 SWEEP -- Oktibbena x Rock SandRemsen S., Shevlin S., Rainbow H., Fleetwing H.
(See 1918)
b.c., 1915 SWEEP -- Ballet Girl x St. LeonardsHarve de Grace H., Latonia Inaugural H., Annapolis H., Monumental H., Blue and Grey H., Plattsburgh H., Laurel H., Balitmore H.
UNCLE HOODbr.c., 1924 SWEEP -- Half Mask x Hurst ParkGreenfield S., Montauk S.
UNTIDYb.f., 1920 SWEEP -- Cafe Au Lait x MeddlerCHAMPION 3yo Filly, Alabama S., Kentucky Oaks, Gazelle S.
WHETSTONEb.f., 1921 SWEEP -- Keystone x Marajax (GB)Brookdale H., Ladies S.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
(See 1945)
b.g., 1942 Heliopolis -- Misleading x SWEEPWilliam Penn S., Quaker City H.
BLENSWEEPb.c., 1939 Blenheim II -- Swepesta x SWEEPUnraced; Sire of stakes winners.
BOLUSb.g., 1939 BOATSWAIN -- La Donna Mobila x SWEEPHawthorne Speed H., National H.
(See 1926)
ch.c., 1923 North Star III -- Beaming Beauty x SWEEPKentucky Derby, Champagne S., Blue Grass S., Nursery H.
BUDANAb.f., 1919 ZEUS -- Buda x SWEEPClover S., Kentucky Selling S.
CAMARGOb.f., 1944 Heliopolis -- Misleading x SWEEPDelaware Oaks, Molly Pitcher H.
CAPT. CALbr.c., 1933 Carlaris -- Lady Capulet x SWEEPHollywood Premiere H.
CHICUELObk.c., 1938 Ariel -- La Chica x SWEEPTremont S.
CHINESE REDb.c., 1935 Kai-Sang -- Wattle x SWEEPWoodbine Steeplechase H.
(See 1936)
b.c., 1933 Bull Dog -- Nimble Hoof x SWEEPHyde Park S., Saratoga Special, Bashford Manor S.
CONSTANT WIFEbr.f., 1931 CHICLE -- Penelope x SWEEPHialeah Juvenile Championship S.
DEXTERITYb.g., 1929 Swift and Sure -- Chrysalis x SWEEPFarm Bureau Clmg S.
(See 1939)
ch.c., 1936 John P. Grier -- La Chica x SWEEPCHAMPION 2yo Colt, Junior Champion S., Saratoga Special, Hopeful S., Dover S., Great American S., Youthful S., United States Hotel S.
EMILEObr.c., 1933 SUN PAL -- Lady Astor x SWEEPBay Shore H.
EPERNAYbk.c., 1932 Epinard -- Washoe Belle x SWEEPGlad Acres H., State Fair of Texas H.
FEUDAL LORDb.g., 1930 Stefan the Great -- Dustwhirl x SWEEPMariano H., Havana Inaugural H.
FIRST MINSTRELb.g., 1931 Royal Minstrel -- Untidy x SWEEPSanford S., Junior Champion S.
GENERAL COURTb.c., 1929 Our General -- Interloper x SWEEPCuban Mile Championship H.
GOOD BLOODbr.f., 1942 BULL LEA -- Diagnosis x SWEEPPrincess Pat S., Queen Isabella H., Arlington Matron H., Vineland H.
GUIDELIGHTb.f., 1932 CRUSADER -- Sweep Maid x SWEEPWashington Derby
IDLE MISSbr.f., 1934 DISTRACTION -- Misleading x SWEEPEdgemere H., Arlington Matron H., Hannah Dustin H., Ladies' H.
(See 1947)
bk.c., 1944 Sun Teddy -- Diagnosis x SWEEPClassic participant, stakes placed.
JOLITOb.c., 1935 Sunspero -- Sweep Easy x SWEEPSeattle H.
JULIET, 1934 High Time -- Sweepesta x SWEEPAdirondack H., Troy S.
(See 1936)
ch.c., 1933 CRUSADER -- Appearance x SWEEPClassic participant, non stakes winner.
KOSADUSb.c., 1946 ISOLATER -- Sweepilla x SWEEPLincoln H.
MCGONIGLEb.c., 1926 OMAR KHAYYAM -- Lady Astor x SWEEPGolden West S., Agua Caliente Governor's H., Agua Caliente S., Arizona S.
MISLEDbr.f., 1933 DIAVOLO -- Misleading x SWEEPConsolation Claiming S. (1st Div.), Consolation Claiming S. (2nd Div.)
MISS FERDINANDb.f., 1937 Bull Dog -- Misleading x SWEEPMatron S.
MIYAKOgr.f., 1935 John P. Grier -- La Chica x SWEEPAutumn Day S.
MR. BLAZEbr.c., 1934 BLAZES -- Peevish x SWEEPChopmist H., Hawthorne Speed H., Hawthorse Sprint H., Mackinac H., Golden Gate H.
NATTY BOYb.c., 1934 Catalan -- Appearance x SWEEPBlackstone Valley H.
NORTHLANDb.c., 1924 North Star III -- Diversion x SWEEPSanford Memorial S.
(See 1939)
b.c., 1936 Teddy -- Cinema x SWEEPClassic participant, non stakes winner.
PATRIOTICbr.c., 1932 AMERICAN FLAG -- Moonlight x SWEEPGovernor's H.
(See 1928)
b.c., 1925 PETER PAN -- REGALO x SWEEPHelpful S.
PHILLIPb.c., 1927 PETER PAN -- Washoe Belle x SWEEPRennert H.
PLANETOIDgr.f., 1934 Ariel -- La Chica x SWEEPJeanne D'arc S.
POLISH BEAUbr.c., 1932 Polymelian -- Beauty Star x SWEEPArmistice Day H.
POLYMELIORb.c., 1937 Polymelian -- Sweet Beam x SWEEPStarlet Sweepstakes
PRINCE ARGOb.c., 1935 Happy Argo -- Georgia Rose x SWEEPCuyahoga H., Liberty H., Au Revoir H.
PROGNOSISb.g., 1943 Blenheim II -- Diagnosis x SWEEPMaryland H., Bunker Hill H., Tomasello Memorial H.
(See 1937)
br.c., 1934 Sickle -- Dustwhirl x SWEEPNew England Futurity, United States Hotel S., Kentucky Jockey Club S., Latonia Derby
(See 1933)
ch.c., 1930 Kai-Sang -- Granny x SWEEPJunior Champion S.
REPUBLICbr.c., 1925 BUSY AMERICAN -- Sherry x SWEEPValley S.
ROYAL BLUNDERbr.g., 1930 Bright Knight -- Ballet Dancer II x SWEEPDetroit Governor's H., Birmingham H.
RUDDY LIGHTbr.f., 1921 Honeywood -- Washoe Belle x SWEEPClipsetta S.
SENTIMENT SAKEb.f., 1941 SPANISH PLAY -- Lady Astor x SWEEPClark H.
SHINY PENNYb.c., 1940 Torchilla -- Penelope x SWEEPGeneral Green H. (twice), Pontchartrain H.
SOUTHERN PRIDEb.c., 1943 Knight's Caprice -- Hidden Dust x SWEEPBabylon H.
ST. FRANCISgr.g., 1928 Stefan the Great -- Franconia x SWEEPTemple Gwathmey Memorial Stp H., Rockaway S.
STAGECRAFTb.f., 1929 FAIR PLAY -- Franconia x SWEEPAstoria S., Beldame H.
SWEEPING LIGHTbr.c., 1929 Manna (GB) -- Sweeping Glance x SWEEPChampagne S., Lincoln H., Continental H., Nassau S., Granite State S., Texas Central Centennial S.
SWEET PICKb.f., 1948 PICTOR -- Sweepilla x SWEEPCurtain Up H.
TARPAULINb.c., 1928 Supremus -- Washoe Belle x SWEEPRichard Johnson S.
THE HEATHENb.c., 1924 DONNACONA -- Buda x SWEEPHarford H., Pimlico Spring Juvenile S., Bowie Inaugural H., Prince of Wales H.
THE SCHEMERbr.f., 1934 Challenger II -- Granny x SWEEPBetsy Williams S.
TRISKETTEb.f., 1926 TRYSTER -- Wee Louise x SWEEPBeldame H.
(See 1929)
b.c., 1926 UPSET -- Lady Davis x SWEEPFlorida Derby
VALDINA ANDIREb.g., 1941 OSCULATOR -- Annedire x SWEEPDirectors H.
VALDINA GROOMch.c., 1938 OSCULATOR -- Mop x SWEEPIllinois Owner's H.
VALDINA LAMARbr.c., 1941 Teddy's Comet -- Lady Marlboro x SWEEPCommonwealth H.
VALDINA MARLbr.f., 1940 Teddy's Comet -- Lady Marlboro x SWEEPJeanne d'Arc S., Princess Doreen S., Ashland S.
VALDINA MYTHb.f., 1938 SORTIE -- Sweep Myth x SWEEPKentucky Oaks, Ashland S., Selima S., Hawthorne Juvenile H., Santa Catalina Nursery
(See 1937)
br.c., 1934 MAN O' WAR -- Brush Up x SWEEPHORSE OF THE YEAR, CHAMPION 3yo Colt, Kentucky Derby, Preakness S., Belmont S., Widener H., Washington H., Eastern Shore H., Chesapeake S., Rhode Island H., Pimlico Special, Saratoga H., Jockey Club Gold Cup, Saratoga Cup, Queens County H., Whitney S., Wilson S.
(See 1932)
b.c., 1929 MAN O' WAR -- Whetstone x SWEEPTravers S., Saratoga Cup., Huron H.
(See 1941)
ch.c., 1938 Blenheim II -- Dustwhirl x SWEEPCHAMPION HORSE OF THE YEAR (twice), CHAMPION Handicap Male, CHAMPION 3yo Colt, Kentucky Derby, Preakness S., Belmont S., Brooklyn H., Dwyer S., Saratoga Special, Walden S., Hopeful S., Breeders' Futurity, American Derby, Lawrence Realization S., Travers S., Saranac H., Massachusetts H., Jockey Club Gold Cup, Narragansett Special, Dixie H., Louisiana H., Washington H., Governor Bowie H., Trenton H., Clark H.
WITHINb.f., 1938 Epithet -- Squeeze In x SWEEPViscaya S.

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