The Triple Crown Project
Career History
(work in progress)
(br.g. 1873, Leamington (GB) -- Maiden x Lexington )
Classic participant in: 1876



Finish Race Name
1stManhattan H.
1stCity and Suburban H. (Eng)
1stEpsom Gold Cup (Eng)
1stGreat Cheshire Handicap S. (Eng)
1stGreat Metropolitan S. (Eng)
1stJerome Mile and a Furlong Handicap Sweepstakes
1stJerome Mile and a Furlong Handicap Sweepstakes
1stMonmouth Park Mile and Five Furlongs H.
1stJuly S.
1stNewmarket H. (Eng)
1stSaratoga Mile and a Quarter Sweepstakes
1stSaratoga Mile and a Quarter Sweepstakes
1stSheepshead Bay Mile and a Half Sweepstakes
1stWashington S.
1stBaltimore Purse and Stakes
1stBaltimore Cup
1stSaratoga Cup
1stSaratoga Cup
1stSequel S.
1stWoodburn S.
1stMaturity S.
1stKentucky S.
1stWestchester Cup
1stAugust S.
1stAll-Aged S.
1stMonmouth Cup S.
1stSaratoga S.
1stSummer H.
2ndLennox S. (Eng)
2ndMonmouth Park Mile and a Quarter H.
2ndEpsom Gold Cup (Eng)
2ndCentral S.
2ndAutumnal H.
2ndAll-Aged S.
2ndMonmouth Cup S.
2ndBreckenridge S.
2ndSaratoga Cup
2ndDixie S.
2ndChampion S.
2ndOriole H.
2ndWestchester Cup
2ndGrand National H.
3rdSaratoga Mile and a Quarter Sweepstakes
3rdSingleton S. (Eng)
3rdSheepshead Bay Mile and Three Furlongs H.
3rdGoodwood Cup (Eng)
3rdExcelsior Sweepstakes
3rdAll-Aged S.
3rdHarvest H.
3rdOriole H.
3rdConey Island Cup
3rdConey Island Cup
3rdChampion S.
3rdChampion S.
3rdManhattan H.

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Hopes and History - All the Runners of the American Triple Crown
by Kathleen Irwin and Joy Reeves

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