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(b.c. 1923, Sun Briar -- Cleopatra x Corcyra (GB))
Classic participant in: 1926



Finish Race Name
1stEast View S.
1stWood Memorial S.
1stUnited States Hotel S.
1stHopeful S.
1stFuturity S.
2ndEdgemere H.
2ndSaratoga Special
2ndTravers S.
2ndAqueduct H.
3rdOctober H.
3rdFall Highweight H.
3rdPresident's Plate
3rdPotomac H.
3rdToboggan H.
3rdDelaware H.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
ANTHEMIONch.f., 1940 POMPEY -- Sicklefeather x SickleGazelle S.
BACHELOR DINNERb.c., 1932 POMPEY -- Masked Dancer x DisguiseNew England States H., Armistice Day H.
BIRCH RODb.g., 1936 POMPEY -- Slapstick x BroomstickSanford S., Prince George Autumn H., Stony Brook S., Woodmere S.
CAESARS GHOSTb.c., 1930 POMPEY -- Bourbon Girl x HelmetWhitney S., Huron S., Saratoga H.
CHRYSOSTOMb.c., 1930 POMPEY -- Chrysos x PolymelianRex H.
CLEAN OUTb.f., 1932 POMPEY -- Sweep Out x SWEEP ONSan Diego H., Escondido H.
(See 1938)
b.c., 1935 POMPEY -- St. Rita x THE FINNClassic participant, stakes placed.
GOLD POMPch.c., 1938 POMPEY -- Raynham Rose x StimulusPortola H.
(See 1933)
ch.c., 1930 POMPEY -- Lady Belle x PolymelianCHAMPION 2yo Colt, Hopeful S., Arlington Futurity, Grand Union Hotel S., United States Hotel S., Suburban H.
MAG MELLbr.f., 1933 POMPEY -- Erin x TRANSMUTEFashion S.
MASKED GENERALch.g., 1934 POMPEY -- Masked Ball x FRIAR ROCKWashington H., Sussex H., Philadelphia H., Harford H., Delaware H., Champlain H.
ORATIONb.g., 1945 POMPEY -- Elocution x JacopoCharles W. Bidwell Memorial H., Marchbank H.
(See 1932)
b.c., 1929 POMPEY -- Some More x PolymelianGreat American S., National Stallion S., Spalding Lowe Jenkins H., Clark H., Havre de Grace H.
OUTDONEb.f., 1936 POMPEY -- Sweep Out x SWEEP ONSagamore H.
POLONAISEb.f., 1929 POMPEY -- Sweet Music x HarmoniconSchuylerville S., Fashion S., Albany H.
POMAYYAch.f., 1938 POMPEY -- Omayya x Sir Gallahad IIIBlack Helen H., Diana H.
POMPEIUSb.c., 1929 POMPEY -- Elvina x PolymelianExcelsior H., Boardway H., Harford H., Spring H., Southampton H.
POMPEYS PILLARb.g., 1932 POMPEY -- Snooze x PETER PANDecoration Day H., Windsor H.
POMPIONb.g., 1938 POMPEY -- Hilaria x PolymelianCamden H.
(See 1933)
b.c., 1930 POMPEY -- Polygon x PolymelusClassic participant, non stakes winner.
(See 1933)
b.c., 1930 POMPEY -- Wigwam x PolymelianClassic participant, stakes placed.
(See 1937)
b.c., 1934 POMPEY -- Oonagh x FRIAR ROCKCHAMPION 2yo, Belmont Futurity, Dixie H., Paumonok H., Junior Champion S., San Carlos H., National Stallion S.
POMPOSITYb.g., 1930 POMPEY -- Some More x PolymelianLatonia Championship S., Riggs H.
POMROSEb.f., 1940 POMPEY -- Rosebloom x CHICLEFashion S.
POONAb.f., 1935 POMPEY -- Oonagh x FRIAR ROCKGrey S.
RED VULCANb.c., 1938 POMPEY -- Firetop x MAN O' WARRaceland H.
RIDGEch.f., 1935 POMPEY -- Ledge x FRIAR ROCKMcIntyre and Louden Memorial H.
(See 1946)
b.c., 1943 POMPEY -- Broad Ripple x StimulusDerby Trial S., Skokie H., Bay Shore H., Great Western H., Fall Highweight H., Carter H., Clang H., Roseben H., Princeton H., Toboggan H. (twice), Oceanport H., Paumonok H.
ROMAN HEROch.c., 1936 POMPEY -- Nancy Dyer x ArchaicSan Bruno H., Tanforan Three Year Old Championship S.
SLAPPEDch.c., 1930 POMPEY -- Smack x SWEEP ONNew Orleans H., Liberty H.
SOME POMPb.f., 1931 POMPEY -- Some More x PolymelianCHAMPION Handicap Mare, New Rochelle H., Pilgrim H.
STRABOb.c., 1934 POMPEY -- Blood Royal x THE FINNDwyer S., Kent H., Diamond State S., Edgemere H.
TETROLb.c., 1942 POMPEY -- Bang Bang x Sir Gallahad IIIShillelah Stp H.
WHIRLABOUTb.f., 1941 POMPEY -- Lost Horizon x Sir Gallahad IIIDebutante S., Princess Pat S., Autumn Day S., Mary Dyer H., Test S., New England Oaks, Gazelle S., Diana H., Correction H., Yankee H., San Mateo H., Santa Barbara S.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
ADAPTABLEb.g., 1941 Blenheim II -- Black Queen x POMPEYGrand National Stp H., Temple Gwathmey Stp H., Manly Stp H., Meadow Brook Stp H., Brook Stp H., Corinthian Stp H.
AIR PINEb.c., 1950 Ariel Game -- Pekaki x POMPEYCoral Gables H., Newport S.
ALL BRITISHb.c., 1945 North Wales II -- Poona x POMPEYPlate Trial
BEAU DANDYb.c., 1945 BULL LEA -- Some Pomp x POMPEYCanadian Championship S., Jockey Club Cup, Bryan and O'Hara H., King Edward Gold Cup, Autumn H.; Sire of a stakes winner.
BRYAN, 1947 Blenheim II -- Anthemion x POMPEYQuestionnaire H., Aqueduct H. (twice), Westchester H., Pimlico Special
CARTAGENAch.g., 1955 Nordlicht -- Pomparray x POMPEYNorth American Stp H., Harbor Hill Stp H.
CEDRUSch.c., 1953 Warlock -- Cedar Lady x POMPEYLaurel H.
(See 1951)
b.c., 1948 COUNT FLEET -- Delmarie x POMPEYKentucky Derby, Questionnaire H., Dover S.
DEVILKINb.f., 1949 DEVIL DIVER -- Pomayya x POMPEYComely H.
DINNER HOURch.g., 1944 Pilate -- Eight o'Clock x POMPEYMiami Beach H., Lincoln H., Oaklawn H.
DINNER PARTYb.g., 1940 CAVALCADE -- Eight o'Clock x POMPEYGranite State H., Rockingham Park H., Puritan H.
DRUMUIRb.f., 1942 Snark -- Mag Mell x POMPEYDemoiselle S.
DUCHESS PEGch.f., 1947 WHIRLAWAY -- Some Pomp x POMPEYArlington Lassie S.
ENFILADEbk.f., 1943 Boojum -- Enactment x POMPEYSanta Susanna S., National Stallion S., Rosedale S.
FRANCEANb.f., 1957 Panacean -- Leventia x POMPEYMiss Illinois S.
GADABOUTch.g., 1939 Tourist II -- Polonaise x POMPEYWoodbine Stp H.
GAY GINOb.g., 1942 Gino -- Gay Polka x POMPEYRockingham Park Autumn H.
GETTHERE JACKb.g., 1953 BIMELECH -- By Sea x POMPEYGreat American S., Gulfstream Park Juvenile S., Tremont S., Gulfstream Park Dinner S.
GOLDEN BRIARch.c., 1959 Centime -- Delmarie x POMPEYLongacres Memorial Day H., Speed H., J.W. Pattison Juvenile S.
GRANDPALb.c., 1940 GRANVILLE -- Pompalo x POMPEYCoronation S., Dufferin H., King Edward Gold Cup, William Hendrie Memorial H.
GREAT RUSHb.g., 1939 CAVALCADE -- Squeeze x POMPEYBunker Hill H.
HALCYON BOYb.c., 1937 Halcyon -- Enactment x POMPEYCommonwealth H., Seminole S.
HASTEVILLEbk.c., 1940 HASTE -- Jamesville x POMPEYQuaker City H.
HEMET SQUAWb.f., 1944 HOLLYROOD -- Pompey's Squaw x POMPEYHollywood Debutante S., California's Breeders S., Vanity H., Labor Day H.
HYSTERICALch.c., 1936 Trace Call -- Giggling x POMPEYHollywood Premiere H., Bay Meadows Fashion S., Inglewood H., San Francisco County H., Suffolk Governor's H., Tanforan Inaugural H., Thanksgiving H.
LILLY VALENTIb.f., 1946 SUN AGAIN -- Keyway x POMPEYRose Leaves S.
LOSER WEEPERch.c., 1945 DISCOVERY -- Outdone x POMPEYButler H., Suburban H., Metropolitan H., Dixie H., Valley Forge H. (twice), Vosburgh H., Bay Shore H, Edward Burke H.
MISS DISCOb.f., 1944 DISCOVERY -- Outdone x POMPEYNew Rochelle H., Interborough H., Test S., American Legion H., BROODMARE OF THE YEAR (dam of two time CHAMPION and HORSE OF THE YEAR Bold Ruler, stakes winners Independence, and Nasco)
MY VENGEANCEch.c., 1949 WITH REGARDS -- Lift x POMPEYHaggin S.
OMPALOb.c., 1941 Sweepster -- Pompalo x POMPEYPrince of Wales Plate
ORUEbr.c., 1952 Black Tarquin -- Brown Slave x POMPEYIn Cuba: Criadores Cubanos S.
PERIDAb.f., 1937 CHANCE SHOT -- Black Queen x POMPEYFashion S.
POMACEch.g., 1949 Pilate -- Pomrose x POMPEYLaurel Sprint H., La Salle H., Tropical Park Inaugural H., Crete Inaugural H., Phoenix H.
PRIMULUSb.f., 1933 SWEEP ON -- Oxlip x POMPEYSeattle H., San Francisco H., Santa Margarita H., Yerba Buena H., Junior League H.
PRINCESS LYGIAb.f., 1949 ROMAN -- Roman Matron x POMPEYArlington Lassie S., Misty Isle H., Pollyanna S., Hyde Park S., Miss America S.
PROUD ONEb.f., 1938 Blenheim II -- Some Pomp x POMPEYAcorn S., Cinderella H.
REBORNbr.c., 1945 Amphitheatre -- Oncave x POMPEYNarragansett Governors H.
SOME CHANCEch.c., 1939 Chance Play -- Some Pomp x POMPEYFuturity S., National Stallion S., Gallant Fox H., Havre de Grace H., Continental H., Northwestern H., Roseben H. (twice), King Philip H., Plymouth Rock H.
SPINNING TOPbr.f., 1950 BULL LEA -- Whirlabout x POMPEYVineland H., Black Eyed Susan S.
SWEET CLEOb.f., 1939 High Lea -- Tumultuous x POMPEYHialeah Juvenile S.
THWARTEDch.g., 1943 DISCOVERY -- Outdone x POMPEYOaklawn H., Paul Revere H.
TUSCANYb.c., 1948 The Rhymer -- Roman Matron x POMPEYMaryland Futurity, Toboggan H., Rumson H., Boardwalk H., Salvator Mile, Oceanport H., Rowe Memorial H. (twice)
TUSCANY POMPbr.g., 1957 Tuscany -- Dorothy Pomp x POMPEYAbraham Lincoln S.
(See 1944)
b.c., 1941 Challenger II -- After Dark x POMPEYWithers S.
WINDINAbr.f., 1951 Windfields -- Gotit x POMPEYPrincess Elizabeth S., Yearling Sales S.

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