The Triple Crown Project
Career History
(work in progress)
(b.c. 1867, Lexington -- Eltham Lass (GB) x Kingston (GB))
Classic participant in: 1870



Finish Race Name
1stJerome H.
1stTravers S.
1stChampion S.
1stAnnual S.
1stPimlico Two Mile Sweepstakes
2ndSaratoga Cup
2ndRobbins S.

IMPORTANT OFFSPRING: (work in progress)

Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
DUCHESSbr.f., 1881 KINGFISHER -- Lady Blessington x Eclipse (GB)Great Two-Year-Old Post S., Sapling S., Ladies H., Monmouth Oaks, West End Hotel S.
(See 1880)
ch.f., 1877 KINGFISHER -- Bonnie Doon x BalrownieChesapeake S., Lamar S.
J. P. B.b.c., 1891 KINGFISHER -- Bahama x Mortemer (FR)Vernal S. (Sheepshead Bay), Merchants' H.
LADY ROSEBERYch.f., 1878 KINGFISHER -- Lady Blessington x Eclipse (GB)Champagne S.
(See 1891)
b.c., 1888 KINGFISHER -- Laurette x AlarmClassic participant
LEPANTOb.c., 1888 KINGFISHER -- Leightonia (imp) x FavoniusOwners' H.
MEHALLAHb.f., 1880 KINGFISHER -- Lady Mentmore (GB) x King Tom (GB)June Two-Year-Old Selling S., Stoneleigh Two-Year-Old Plate
ORIOLEch.f., 1874 KINGFISHER -- My Maryland x Brown DickMaturity S., Congress Hall S.
(See 1888)
ch.c., 1885 KINGFISHER -- Princess x King TomJerome H., Brooklyn Derby, Stevens S., Stockton S., Coney Island S.
RICAb.f., 1879 KINGFISHER -- Lady Mentmore (GB) x King Tom (GB)Breeders S., Home-Bred Produce S.
(See 1881)
b.c., 1878 KINGFISHER -- Felucca x BuccaneerClassic participant
TURCOch.c., 1879 KINGFISHER -- Toucques (FR) x Monarque (FR)Raritan S.
(See 1880)
ch.c., 1877 KINGFISHER -- Tocques x MonarqueClassic participant


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
AMELIA MAYbr.f., 1981 JIM GORE -- Bettie West x KINGFISHERDam by FIDDLESTICKS or KINGFISHER; Sensation S., Competition S., Kirkman H.
(See 1905)
ch.c., 1902 HASTINGS -- Belinda x KINGFISHERWithers S.
CLIFFORDbr.c., 1890 BRAMBLE -- Duchess x KINGFISHERForest S., Des Plaines S., Melrose S., Chicago Special Sweepstakes, Latonia Special Prize, Phoenix Hotel S., Second Special Sweepstakes (twice), Oakwood S., Montgomery S., Albany S., Sea Foam S., Moet Chandon S., Flight S. (twice), Oriental H., Kearney S., Omnium H., Club Members' H., Long Island H.
EAU GALLIEbr.c., 1892 Iroquois -- Duchess x KINGFISHERCrawford Plate
FIDELLOb.c., 1889 THE ILL-USED (GB) -- Fillette x KINGFISHERVolunteer H.
(See 1899)
b.c., 1896 Galore -- Fillette x KINGFISHERMetropolitan H.
FRIEZEch.c., 1890 THE ILL-USED (GB) -- Fillette x KINGFISHERGalliard S., Harlem S.
(See 1896)
br.c., 1893 Iroquois -- Carlotta x KINGFISHERMontague H., Falcon S.
LADY VIOLETb.f., 1890 THE ILL-USED (GB) -- Lady Rosebery x KINGFISHERAutumn S., Belles' S., Flatbush S., Foam S., Great Eastern H., Lassie S., Fall H.
LIZZIEb.f., 1888 St. Blaise (GB) -- Feu Follet x KINGFISHERInaugural Grass S.
MAGIANb.c., 1892 THE ILL-USED (GB) -- Magnetism x KINGFISHERDunmow S., White Plains H.
MEKALLAHb.f., 1895 Tammany -- Mehallah x KINGFISHERDaisy S.
MISS LILLYch.f., 1891 THE ILL-USED (GB) -- Affinity x KINGFISHERKentucky Selling S.
NAHMAb.f., 1891 Longfellow -- Queen Beluga x KINGFISHERGazelle H., Ladies H.
PECONICch.c., 1893 Pontiac (GB) -- Lady Bird (Lady Montefiore) x KINGFISHERNew York Steeplechase H., Washington DC Steeplechase
PIRATE KINGb.c., 1891 Pirate of Penzance (GB) -- Emily F. x KINGFISHERCovington Autumn S.
PRINCE OF MONACOch.c., 1892 St. Blaise (GB) -- Carina x KINGFISHERBelle Meade S., Grand Union Hotel S., Hurricana S., Juvenile S., Kleinhans Simonson H.
ST. FLORIANch.c., 1889 St. Blaise (GB) -- Feu follet x KINGFISHERGreat American S., Dunmow S., Ft. Hamilton S., Bowling Brook S., All Breeze S., Vreeland H.
ST. JULIENch.c., 1891 St. Blaise (GB) -- Carina x KINGFISHERLarchmont S.
ST. LEONARDSch.c., 1890 St. Blaise (GB) -- Belledonna x KINGFISHERDam also named Jessie; July S., Dolphin S.
UTICAbr.c., 1892 Iroquois -- Duchess x KINGFISHERAlso named TROJAN; Expectation S.
WAR BONNETch.c., 1891 Pontiac (GB) -- Lady Bird x KINGFISHERVirginia Hurdle

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