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(br.c. 1914, Negofol (FR) -- Hour Glass x Rock Sand (GB))
Classic participant in: 1917



Finish Race Name
1stEastern Shore H.
1stSouthampton H.
1stWithers S.
1stJuvenile S.
1stGrand Union Hotel S.
1stAnnapolis H.
2ndLawrence Realization H.
2ndLawrence Realization
3rdTremont S.
3rdSaratoga Special


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
ADRIAbr.f., 1923 HOURLESS -- Adrienne x His MajestyRainbow S.
BATSMANch.g., 1921 HOURLESS -- Bridlewise x TracerySeneca S.
BILLY CHAMPch.c., 1927 HOURLESS -- Lady Champ x Ivan The TerribleGovernor's Derby
BUCKY HARRISb.c., 1923 HOURLESS -- Clef De Fer x Verwood (FR)Christmas H.
CANAANch.c., 1924 HOURLESS -- La Chananeenne x Le Samaritain II (FR)Blackstone Hotel H.
(See 1933)
br.c., 1930 HOURLESS -- Clonakilty x Catmint (GB)Florida Derby
FLIGHT OF TIMEch.c., 1923 HOURLESS -- Impetuous x Peter QuinceTremont S., Breeders' Futurity, Wakefield H.
HAMADANbr.c., 1922 HOURLESS -- La Bayonette x Vernwood (FR)Ruxton S.
HILLSBOROUGHbr.c., 1928 HOURLESS -- Viola Guild x MasettoGeneral Beauregard S., Huron H.
HOROMETERbr.c., 1931 HOURLESS -- Star Pal x North Star IIIKing's Plate, Breeders' S., Clarendon Plate, Coronation S., Grey S.
LATE DATEbr.f., 1929 HOURLESS -- Herd Girl x COLINCHAMPION Handicap Mare, Washington Park Championship H., Enquirer H., Homewood H., Independence H., Latonia Inaugural H., Royal Palm H.
MIKE HALLb.g., 1924 HOURLESS -- Clonakilty x Catmint (GB)CHAMPION Handicap Horse, Washington H., Dixie H., Latonia Cup (twice), Great Lakes H., Agua Caliente H.
MISSIONARYch.c., 1919 HOURLESS -- Mission x Rock SandRemsen S., Manor H., Harlem S., Hollis S., Curtis Bright H.
MISSIONARYch.c., 1919 HOURLESS (FR) -- Mission x Rock Sand (GB)Remsen H., Manor H.
NAVANODbr.c., 1930 HOURLESS -- Blackflight x Black JesterWaggoner Memorial H, Thanksgiving H., Francis S. Peabody Memorial H.
PRICEMAKERch.c., 1921 HOURLESS -- Fair Priscilla x FAIR PLAYNewton S.
REGARDLESSch.c., 1931 HOURLESS -- Lady Lynn x OMAR KHAYYAMAu Revoir H., Oakland H.
SCIMITARb.g., 1924 HOURLESS -- La Bayonette x Vernwood (FR)Tijuana Cup, Tanforan Spring Special H.
TEN MINUTESbk.c., 1920 HOURLESS -- Pamphyle (GB) x Robert Le Diable (FR)Expectation H.
TINITAch.f., 1925 HOURLESS -- La Chananeenne x Le Samaritain II (FR)Tarrytown S.
YONKELch.g., 1929 HOURLESS -- Martin Bird x Sir MartinHarvey H., Derby Candidates H., Lone Star H.
ZERO HOURbr.g., 1922 HOURLESS -- Sprite x WaterboyHighland S.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
ADVOCATORbr.g., 1934 Sickle -- Persica x HOURLESS (FR)Stars And Stripes H., Autumn H., Revere H., Marvelous Marin H.
ATOMIC POWERb.c., 1944 Bel Aethel -- Glacial x HOURLESS (FR)Constitution H., Fountain of Youth H.
BEAU BUSHERch.c., 1952 Mr. Busher -- Late Date x HOURLESS (FR)Oakland H., San Fernando S., Bay Meadows Beau Brummel S., Pomona Governor's H.; Sire of stakes winners.
BRIGHT LIGHTb.c., 1933 SUN FLAG -- Dark Hour x HOURLESS (FR)Rowe Memorial H., Bowie Kindergarten S.
(See 1935)
ch.c., 1932 DISPLAY -- Glacial x HOURLESS (FR)Classic participant, stakes placed.
COWLITZb.c., 1927 Cataract -- Amusement x HOURLESS (FR)Troy Claiming S.
DOGAWAYbr.c., 1934 Bull Dog -- Runaway Lass x HOURLESS (FR)Hawthorne Juvenile H., Burlingame H., Juvenile S., Will Rogers Memorial H., La Jolla H., Motion Picture H.
DRURY LANEch.f., 1937 HASTE -- Fairness x HOURLESS (FR)Joliet H.
EDELWEISSb.f., 1930 CHICLE -- Helvetia x HOURLESS (FR)Coaching Club American Oaks
EMOLUMENTbr.f., 1939 Halcyon -- Balance Sheet x HOURLESS (FR)Princess Doreen S., San Rafael H.
FIDELISch.c., 1931 SWEEP ON -- Balance Sheet x HOURLESS (FR)Mayor Bacharach H., Orange Blossom H.
GOOD BIDch.c., 1941 PSYCHIC BID -- Glorious Hour x HOURLESS (FR)La Salle H.
HEAD SMARTch.f., 1942 HEAD PLAY -- Six Sixty x HOURLESS (FR)Singing Tower H.
HOPE ETERNALbr.f., 1932 ETERNAL -- Balance Sheet x HOURLESS (FR)General Green H., Mardi Gras H., New Years' H.
HYGROHOURch.c., 1940 Hygro -- Hour By Hour x HOURLESS (FR)Myles Standish S., Bowie Kindergarten S.
JOE FLORESb.c., 1929 Axenstein -- Hester Ann x HOURLESS (FR)California H. (twice), Agua Caliente Speed H.
MATTERHORNch.f., 1936 DIAVOLO -- Helvetia x HOURLESS (FR)Adirondack H.
MISS PATIENCEch.f., 1923 High Time -- Duration x HOURLESS (FR)Bashford Manor S.
MISTRESS PLATOch.f., 1937 DISPLAY -- Glacial x HOURLESS (FR)Jeffrey H.
NASCAch.f., 1938 Rosolio -- Tinita x HOURLESS (FR)Spinaway S., Schuylerville S.
PARbr.g., 1934 Sickle -- Fairness x HOURLESS (FR)Hollis S., Royal Palm H.
PASSA GRILLEbr.f., 1938 North Wales II -- Boca Grande x HOURLESS (FR)Orpen Memorial H., Maple Leaf S. (twice), Dowry H.
SNARKbr.c., 1933 Boojum -- Helvetia x HOURLESS (FR)Suburban H., Paumonok H., Metropolitan H., Rochambeau H., Queens County H., Great American S.
(See 1931)
b.c., 1928 Sir Martin -- Yellow Jacket x HOURLESS (FR)Classic participant
WAR DATEbr.f., 1942 WAR ADMIRAL -- Late Date x HOURLESS (FR)Beldame H., Arlington Matron H., Modesty H., Princess Doreen S., Ladies' H.

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