The Triple Crown Project
Career History
(work in progress)
(b.c. 1875, Alarm -- Hira x Lexington )
Classic participant in: 1878



Finish Race Name
1stBelle Meade S. (Nashville)
1stJanuary S.
1stBelle Meade S. (Louisville)
1stLexington One Mile Sweepstakes
1stLexington Six Furlong Sweepstakes
1stMerchants' S.
1stTurf S.
1stJanuary S.
1stPhoenix Hotel S.
1stBelle Meade S. (Nashville)
1stBelle Meade S. (Louisville)
1stColt and Filly S.
1stColt S.
1stLexington Sweepstakes for All Ages
2ndElkhorn S.
2ndCitizensí S.
2ndCitizens' S. (Nashville)
2ndElkhorn S.
3rdColt and Filly Sweepstakes
3rdSanford S.
3rdSanford S. (Louisville)
3rdLexington Mile and a Quarter Sweepstakes
3rdLexington Five Furlong Sweepstakes

IMPORTANT OFFSPRING: (work in progress)

Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
ABE FURSTbr.c., 1894 HIMYAR -- Briar x BRAMBLECadet S., Press S.
BRAVE HIMYARb.c., 1894 HIMYAR -- Bravoura (GB) x Queen's Messenger (GB)Quarndon Plate, Sheen Plate (Autumn), Woodbine Steeplechase H.
CORRECTIONb.f., 1888 HIMYAR -- Mannie Gray x EnquirerClover S., Opening Scramble, Toboggan Slide H.
DOMINISblk.c., 1895 HIMYAR -- Lady Agnes (Cara Mia) x St. Blaise (GB)Melbourne S.
DOMINOblk.c., 1891 HIMYAR -- Mannie Gray x EnquirerHyde Park S., Great American S., Produce, Great Eclipse S., Matron S., Futurity S., Great Trial S., Third Special S., Culver S., Withers S., Ocean H., Flying S., Sheepshead Bay H., Coney Island H.
FARADAYgr.c., 1889 HIMYAR -- Miss Austine x LightningDearborn H., Himyar S., Cincinnati Hotel S., Mound City H.
FERROLLb.f., 1895 HIMYAR -- Madame Julie (GB) x Julius Caesar (GB)Isabella S.
FROHMANch.c., 1895 HIMYAR -- Jewel Ban x King Ban (GB)Eclipse S., Laureate S.
GREENWICHbr.f., 1889 HIMYAR -- Linda Green x Australian (GB)Kentucky Centennial H., Straus S.
HALTONbr.g., 1891 HIMYAR -- Maud L. x BertramHudson S.
HARRY REEDbr.g., 1892 HIMYAR -- Violet x VauxhallYouthful S., Algeria H., Fordham H., Van Nest S., Daisy S., Partridge S., Greenfield S., Speculation S., Bay Shore S. (twice), Auction S.
HARVEYb.c., 1895 HIMYAR -- Safety x BUCHANANJuvenile Plate, Woodbine Nursery S.
HAVOCb.c., 1892 HIMYAR -- Elletta x ELKHORNAlso named JACK RUST; Pansy S., Golden Rod S., Woodcock S., Independence S. (Milwaukee), Plankinton H., Violet H., Oriental H., Sheepshead Bay H.
HIGHJINKSb.c., 1895 HIMYAR -- Janet x LightningCovington S., Flatlands S., Larchmont S.
HILEEbr.g., 1896 HIMYAR -- Grace Lee x Kyrle Daly (GB)Golden Rod S.
HIMSELFch.c., 1898 HIMYAR -- Felicitie x RebelFirst Bennings Springs H.
HYMNb.g., 1891 HIMYAR -- Una B. x MONARCHISTJersey Central S.
KITCHENERbk.c., 1897 HIMYAR -- Lady Agnes x St. BlaiseBouquet Stakes
LOORAMch.g., 1893 HIMYAR -- Soon Ban x King Ban (GB)Flash S.
LORD NELSONb.c., 1891 HIMYAR -- Queechy x WAVERLYSt. Claire Hotel S.
(See 1898)
br.c., 1895 HIMYAR -- Cincerella x Blue Ruin or TomahawkKENTUCKY DERBY, Champagne S., Clark S., Nursery H., Emerald S.
SAVARINb.c., 1894 HIMYAR -- Ricochet (NZ) x Musket (GB)Autumn S.
THE IRONMASTERch.g., 1889 HIMYAR -- Chalice (GB) x Glendale (GB)Also named PHALANX; Illinois Central S., Tennessee Brewing S.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
AGNES BRENNANb.f., 1901 Dr. MacBride -- Annul x HIMYAROzone S., Woodhaven Selling S.
AHUMADAbr.c., 1900 G. W. Johnson -- Foroon x HIMYARCarter H.
ASCENSIONb.f., 1899 Ben Strome (GB) -- Adora x HIMYAR Catskill Selling S.
BIG BENbr.c., 1900 Ben Strome (GB) -- Mint Julep x HIMYARNew Orleans H.
BLACK VENUSb.f., 1896 Kantaka -- Queenie x HIMYARLakeside S., Belles S., Great Eastern H.
BLACKSTOCKb.c., 1899 HANOVER -- Mannie Himyar x HIMYARExcelsior H.
BROMOch.g., 1894 BRAMBLE -- Jewel H. x HIMYARCovington Autumn S., Seabreeze S.
(See 1904)
ch.g., 1901 St. Leonards -- Indifference x HIMYARClassic participant
CLARET CUPch.f., 1895 Ben Strome (GB) -- Mint Julip x HIMYARKentucky S.
(See 1911)
b.c., 1908 Garry Hermann -- Salama x HIMYARCincinnati Trophy, Latonia Derby
(See 1908)
b.c., 1905 Handsel -- Mother Bunch x HIMYARBabylon H.
LOU BRAMBLEb.f., 1894 BRAMBLE -- Lou Dudley x HIMYARLatonia Oaks, Cincinnati Hotel S., Amateur Cup, Billow S., Kensington Hurdle H. (name changed to Buela.)
(See 1914)
b.g., 1911 Uncle -- Ivory Bells x HIMYARCHAMPION HORSE OF THE YEAR, CHAMPION Handicap Male, CHAMPION 2yo Colt, Kentucky Derby, Flash S., Queens County H., Yucatan S., Spring Trial S., Harold S., United States Hotel S., Cincinnati Trophy, Clark H., Carter H., Frontier H., Bayview H., Latonia Inaugural H., Delaware H., Mt. Vernon H., Sir Archy Highweight H., Latonia Grand Hotel Purse
PANMUREb.c., 1894 Tenny -- Queer Girl x HIMYARInaugural Dash
PRINCESS TITANIAbr.f., 1898 Masetto (GB) -- Queen Titania x HIMYARAdam Andrew S.
(See 1910)
b.c., 1907 Bannockburn -- Miss Marion x HIMYARIroquois Hotel H., Canadian Derby, Forth of July S., Toronto Autumn Cup
(See 1917)
ch.c., 1914 Star Shoot -- The Lady in Blue x HIMYARQueens County H., Westchester H., Continental H. (twice), Yorktown H., Victory H.

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