The Triple Crown Project
Career History
(work in progress)
(b.c. 1871, Gilroy -- Sister to Ruric x Sovereign (GB))
Classic participant in: 1874



Finish Race Name
1stChampagne S.
1stExcelsior S.
1stSummer H.
1stMansion House S.
1stSaratoga Mile and a Quarter Sweepstakes
2ndPost S. (California)
2ndKentucky Selling S.
2ndKentucky S.
2ndSequel S.
3rdSaratoga Cup
3rdWoodburn S.
3rdJockey Club Handicap Sweepstakes
3rdSaratoga Sweepstakes for Three-Year-Olds

IMPORTANT OFFSPRING: (work in progress)

Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
BONITAbr.f., 1883 GRINSTEAD -- Maggie Emerson x BaywoodClipsetta S., Great Western H.
CLEOPATRAb.f., 1888 GRINSTEAD -- Maggie Emerson x BaywoodKentucky S.
CLEOPATRAb.f., 1888 GRINSTEAD -- Maggie Emerson x BaywoodKentucky Selling S.
ESPERANZAb.f., 1888 GRINSTEAD -- Hermosa x LexingtonHolly S.
GANOb.c., 1880 GRINSTEAD -- Santa Anita x VirgilCalifornia S., Connor S., Electric S., Finigan S., Sheepshead Bay Six Furlong H., Spirit of the Times S., Winters S.
GERALDINEch.f., 1885 GRINSTEAD -- Cousin Peggy x WoodburnProspect H., Sapphire S., Cyclone H.
MISSION BELLEb.f., 1882 GRINSTEAD -- Josie C. x LeamingtonSpinaway S., Quickstep S.
PRIMEROch.c., 1883 GRINSTEAD -- Jennie B. x GLENELGFlash S.
RAPIDOch.c., 1882 GRINSTEAD -- Experiment x MONARCHISTOakwood H.
SANTIAGOb.c., 1887 GRINSTEAD -- Clara D. x GLENELGAlso named SAN DIEGO; Kentucky S., Sheridan S., Drexel H., Pastime Athletic Association H., Chickasaw Club H.
SANTIAGO (SAN DIEGO)b.c., 1887 GRINSTEAD -- Clara D. x GLENELGChickasaw Club H., Pastime Athletic Association H.
SILVER CLOUDc., 1883 GRINSTEAD -- Experiment x MONARCHISTAmerican Derby, Latonia Derby, Hindoo S.
SINALOA IIch.f., 1887 GRINSTEAD -- Maggie Emerson x BaywoodAlabama S., Ladies' H., United States Hotel S., Hunter H., Oceanview H.
VERANOch.c., 1882 GRINSTEAD -- Jennie D. x GLENELGHyde Park S.
VOLANTEb.c., 1882 GRINSTEAD -- Sister Anne x GLENELGFlash S., American Derby, Bankers' and Brokers' S., Railway S., Sequel S., Woodlawn S., Saratoga Cup, Cuyama S., Columbia S. (twice), Excelsior S., Champion S., Autumnal H., First Special, Ellis Wainwright S., Brokers H., Brewers Cup, Boulevard S., Latonia Merchants S., Louisville Merchants S.
WINONAb.f., 1885 GRINSTEAD -- Clara D. x GLENELGGazelle S.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
ARAPAHOEch.f., 1891 Cheviot (NZ) -- Vienta x GRINSTEADFrank Fehr S., Hurricana S., Speculation S.
CENTINELLAch.f., 1888 Hock Hocking -- Monica x GRINSTEADFire S.
ESTACAb.c., 1894 Emperor of Norfolk -- La Cienega x GRINSTEADFairview Selling S., Homebred Produce S.
LA GOLETAch.f., 1895 Amigo -- Rose Bud x GRINSTEADBelles S.
REY EL SANTA ANITAb.c., 1891 Cheviot (GB) -- Alaho x GRINSTEADLake View H., Sheridan S., American Derby, Cincinnati Hotel Autumn H., Merchants' S. (Latonia), Latonia Spring Prize, Bohemian S., Merchants S., Saratoga Prize, Twin City H.

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