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Career History
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(b.c. 1866, Citadel (GB) -- Babta (GB) x Kingston (GB))
Classic participant in: 1869

Notes: Leading Sire in 1884, 1886, 1887, 1888.


Finish Race Name
1stJerome H.
1stSaratoga Mile and a Quarter Sweepstakes
1stBreakfast S.
1stMaturity S.
1stBowie S.
1stChampion S.
1stTravers S.
2ndWestchester Cup
2ndAnnual S.
2ndMonmouth S.
3rdSaratoga Cup
3rdGrand National H.

IMPORTANT OFFSPRING: (work in progress)

Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
(See 1879)
ch.f., 1876 GLENELG -- Catina x AustralianWoodbine H., Gravesend One Mile Heats H.
(See 1881)
ch.f., 1878 GLENELG -- La Henderson x LexingtonLadies H., Monmouth Park Mile and a Quarter H., Harvest H., Manhattan H.
BELINDAch.f., 1876 GLENELG -- Madame Dudley x LexingtonChampagne S.
CAMMIE, 1875 GLENELG -- Cordelia x LexingtonBlue Grass S. (Churchill Downs), Elkhorn S., Greeley S., Detroit Cup
CARLSBADb.c., 1889 GLENELG -- Lady Wayward x VirgilAmerican Derby
CAROLINE B.b.f., 1879 GLENELG -- La Polka x LexingtonAlso named LA ESMERALDA; Portage Cup
CLARA D.b.f., 1875 GLENELG -- The Nun x LexingtonOne Mile Sweepstakes, Pacific Cup, Get Away H., Sweepstakes for All Ages, Nevada Cup, Mile and a Half Sweepstakes, Three Mile Sweepstakes, Aptos S., Sargent S., Stanford Cup, Two Mile Sweepstakes, Jerome Mile and a Furlong H.
DAN SPARLINGb.c., 1876 GLENELG -- Item x LexingtonWithers S., Gravesend One Mile H., Monmouth Park Mile and a Quarter H., Sheepshead Bay One Mile Heats H.
(See 1878)
ch.c., 1875 GLENELG -- Salina x LexingtonElberon H., Grand Union Hotel S., Saratoga Two Mile H.
EUCLIDch.g., 1880 GLENELG -- The Nun x LexingtonRaritan S.
EVA SHIRLEYbr.f., 1874 GLENELG -- Edeny x LexingtonHoward S.
FERIDAb.f., 1876 GLENELG -- La Henderson x LexingtonCHAMPION Handicap Mare, Fordham H., Ladies H., Hunter S., Monmouth Oaks, West End Hotel S., Breaker H., Alabama S., Navesink H., Great Long Island S., Bowie S., Stirrup Cup, Monmouth Park Mile and Three-Quarters H., Monmouth Park Mile and Five Furlongs H., Gravesend Mile and a Furlong Heats H.
FIRENZEb.f., 1884 GLENELG -- Florida x VirgilCHAMPION Handicap Mare (three times), Nursery H., Gazelle H., Ladies H., Jerome S., West End Hotel S., Monmouth Oaks, Twin City H.
GLEANERch.g., 1879 GLENELG -- Gong x King LearMerchants' S. (Latonia), Rapid Sweepstakes, Six Furlong Sweepstakes (Louisville), Turf S.
GLEN JORSAch.g., 1876 GLENELG -- Ulrica x LexingtonTrafford Park Handicap Steeplechase, Trafford Park Handicap Steeplechase
GLENELLAf., 1874 GLENELG -- Sallie x LexingtonCincinnati Ladies S.
GLENITAb.f., 1875 GLENELG -- Lark x LexingtonNine Furlong Sweepstakes (California)
GLENMOYNEch.c., 1890 GLENELG -- Moyne x Mortemer (FR)Cartaret H., Spindrift S., First Serial S.
GLENTINAf., 1874 GLENELG -- Catina x Australian (GB)Lexington One Mile Sweepstakes
(See 1897)
b.c., 1894 GLENELG -- Duchess May x VirgilPhoenix Hotel S.
HEEL-AND-TOEb.f., 1880 GLENELG -- La Polka x LexingtonVestal S.
HERBERTch.c., 1879 GLENELG -- Kate Mattingly x John MorganAlso named TOM PLUNKETT; Green S., Sheepshead Bay Mile and a Half H., September S.
HOPEFULb.g., 1882 GLENELG -- Misfortune x GilroyNursery H.
IDALIAb.f., 1874 GLENELG -- Item x LexingtonHopeful S., Juvenile S., Chesapeake S., Ladies H.
IDEAch.c., 1878 GLENELG -- Item x LexingtonPrix de St. Hubert Steeplechase (FR)
JAMBOREEb.g., 1891 GLENELG -- Linnet x VirgilTennessee Derby
JENNIE, 1876 GLENELG -- Regan x LexingtonOne Mile Sweepstakes (California), Sweepstakes for All Ages (California), Sweepstakes for All Ages (California), Two Miles and a Furlong Sweepstakes (California), Winters S.
JENNIE D.b.f., 1875 GLENELG -- Regan x LexingtonBallinette S.
JOLLY SIR JOHNch.g., 1877 GLENELG -- Regan x LexingtonExperimental Hunters Flat Race, Hunters Hurdle Race, Tally Ho Steeplechase
JUDITHb.f., 1875 GLENELG -- Madame Dudley x LexingtonChesapeake S.
KITTY CLARKb.f., 1878 GLENELG -- Paris Belle x LexingtonAutumn Steeplechase H., Independence S.
LADY JANEb.f., 1877 GLENELG -- Niagara x LexingtonAlso named SUSQUEHANNA; South Wilts Open Handicap Hurdle Race, Torbay and South Devon Cup, Newmarket Selling Sweepstakes (Eng)
LILLY, 1876 GLENELG -- Florence x LexingtonLexington Six Furlong Sweepstakes
LITTLE MINCHb.c., 1880 GLENELG -- Goldstone x LoadstoneSheepshead Bay One Mile H., Newark S.
LOS ANGELESch.f., 1885 GLENELG -- La Polka x LexingtonCHAMPION Handicap Mare, Spinaway S., Latonia Derby, Monmouth Oaks, Kenner S., Foxhall S., Second Special Sweepstakes, Morrissey S., Saratoga Cup
LOUISETTEb.f., 1881 GLENELG -- Stamps x LexingtonBreeders S., Criterion S., Select S., Hunter S., Twin City H.
MINNOCKch.f., 1873 GLENELG -- Minx x LexingtonLexington Six Furlong Sweepstakes
MINTZERb.c., 1874 GLENELG -- Crownlet x Australian (GB)Also named GARRYOWEN; Pimlico S., Saratoga Mile and a Quarter Sweepstakes
(See 1879)
ch.c., 1876 GLENELG -- Minx x LexingtonJerome H., Dixie S., Two-Year-Old S., Jersey St. Leger S., Monmouth Park One Mile H., Beach Sweepstakes, Ocean Pier Sweepstakes H., Saratoga Mile and a Quarter Sweepstakes, Coney Island Cup, Jerome Park Cup, Jerome Mile and Three-Quarters H., Elberon H., Balitmore Cup (twice), Bowie S., Pimlico S., Grand National H., Monmouth Cup S. (twice), Navesink H., Long Branch H., Westchester Cup, Long Branch H., Champion S., Shrewsbury H., Monmouth Park Mile and a Half H., Monmouth Park Mile and Five Furlongs H. (three times), Monmouth Park Mile and a Quarter H.
POST GUARDch.c., 1874 GLENELG -- La Polka x LexingtonAlso named GEN. PHILLIPS; Westchester Cup, Grand National H., Jerome Two Mile H., North American Steeplechase H., Trouble Steeplechase Sweepstakes (twice),Oleander Park S., San Antonio Annual S.
SARATOGAb.f., 1877 GLENELG -- Edeny x LexingtonThe Runnymede Plate (Eng)
(See 1886)
ch.c., 1883 GLENELG -- Susie Linwood x Judge LeonardKentucky St. Leger H.
SISTER ANNEb.f., 1876 GLENELG -- The Nun x LexingtonMile and Five Furlong Sweepstakes (California)
STRATHSPEYb.g., 1878 GLENELG -- La Polka x LexingtonMonmouth Park One Mile H., Great Fall Selling S.
VENDERb.c., 1876 GLENELG -- Lark x LexingtonTennessee S.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
AMERICUSb.c., 1892 Emperor of Norfolk -- Clara D. x GLENELGRiddleworth Plate, South Down Plate
AMIGARIb.f., 1899 Albert (GB) -- Marie x GLENELGSpeed H.
(See 1895)
br.c., 1892 Sensation -- Diadem x GLENELGClassic participant
BALLARATb.c., 1887 Sir Modred (NZ) -- La Favorita x GLENELGHudson S., Bay Hurdle, Beverwyck Steeplechase H., Okolona Steeplechase, Short Course Steeplechase, Van Tassel Kearney Steeplechase
(See 1891)
b.c., 1888 BERSAN -- Fair Lady x GLENELGUnited States Hotel S., Distillers S.
BERNARDILLO (BERNADELLO)b.g., 1894 Emperor of Norfolk -- Jennie B. x GLENELGDolphin S.
BILLALIb.g., 1894 Rayon d'Or (FR) -- She x GLENELGOcean Wave S., Trial S.
BONDHOLDERb.c., 1880 Bonnie Scotland (GB) -- Glentina x GLENELGRunnymede S., Distillers S., Missouri Derby
BUCKVIDEREch.c., 1894 Belvidere -- Elkhorn Lass x GLENELGTennessee Derby
CAN CANch.f., 1887 Prince Charlie (GB) -- La Esmeralda (Caroline B.) x GLENELGUnion Stock Yards Steeplechase
(See 1890)
ch.c., 1887 Rayon d'Or (FR) -- Lilly R. x GLENELGCartaret H., Futurity S.
COUNTb.c., 1889 Sensation -- Aella x GLENELGGreat Fall Selling S., Myrtle Selling S.
DAGONETb.c., 1889 Tremont -- Fair Lady x GLENELGWhite Plains H., Elberon S.
DORIANb.c., 1891 Sir Modred (NZ) -- Glendora x GLENELGBowling Brook H., Country Club H., Reapers S., September S., Twin City H., Flight S.
ELKHORNbr.c., 1898 Belvidere -- Elkhorn Lass x GLENELGDouble Event (Second Part)
ETTAb.f., 1897 FALSETTO -- Manola x GLENELGKentucky Oaks
FAYIDAch.f., 1895 Owas -- Cuyama x GLENELGClover S.
FLEUR DE LISbr.f., 1894 Maxim (NZ) -- Fleurette x GLENELGRacing S., Burns H., Hobart S.
FLYING DUTCHMANch.c., 1892 Wagner (GB) -- Glen Mercy x GLENELGJuvenile S., La Belle Stud S., Telegraph S., Fulton H., Oceanview H., Cincinnati Hotel S., Reapers S., First Special S., Independence S. (St. Louis), Culver H., Spencer H.
GLANCEb.f., 1891 FALSETTO -- Glimpse x GLENELGFive Furlong Stakes for Two-Year-Olds
GLEE BOYb.c., 1889 FALSETTO -- Glimpse x GLENELGMoreland S.
GOLD DUSTch.f., 1891 Isaac Murphy -- ADA GLENN x GLENELGLassie Stakes
(See 1912)
br.g., 1909 Garry Hermann -- The Governess x GLENELGClassic participant
HANO BELLEch.f., 1893 HANOVER -- La Belle Helene (Bustle) x GLENELGNew Orleans One Mile Selling Sweepstakes
HI DADDYb.c., 1894 Sir Modred (NZ) -- Hirondelle x GLENELGHurricana S.
INCUBATORc., 1900 Ingoldsby (GB) -- My Chick x GLENELGColumbia H.
INTEGRITYch.c., 1890 Sir Modred (NZ) -- Hirondelle x GLENELGSeabreeze S.
KILTch.f., 1895 Kantaka (GB) -- Woodbena x GLENELGFilly Race No. 3
LA DIVAbr.f., 1890 Longfellow -- Elkhorn Lass x GLENELGHunter S.
LAST ONEb.c., 1918 Judge Wright -- Glenelg's Last x GLENELGProvincial H.
LIGHTFOOTch.f., 1891 LINDEN -- Elkhorn Lass x GLENELGClinton S.
(See 1886)
b.c., 1883 RUTHERFORD -- Jennie D. x GLENELGClassic participant
LISELGb.f., 1890 LISBON -- Novena x GLENELGCasanova S.
LIZAch.f., 1892 Rayon d'Or (FR) -- Lizzie Cox x GLENELGFlash S., Swift S., Travers S.
LOKIb.c., 1893 Logic -- The Slashes x GLENELGCovington Autumn S., Crystal S., Louisville H., Merchants' Selling S., National H., Cincinnati Hotel S., Fourth of July H.
(See 1882)
b.c., 1879 Virgil -- Glenella x GLENELGTobacco S.
MODEROCIOb.f., 1892 Sir Modred (NZ) -- Preciosa x GLENELGLakeside S.
PANCHITAch.f., 1894 Kallicrates (GB) -- Glen Belle x GLENELGMaiden S.
PRIMEROch.c., 1883 GRINSTEAD -- Jennie B. x GLENELGFlash S.
(See 1893)
b.c., 1890 Sensation -- Louisette x GLENELGToboggan Slide H., Prospect S., Golden Rod S., Carlton S., Pocantico S.
REMNANTb.g., 1893 Onondaga -- Glenola x GLENELGCovington Spring S.
REY DEL CARRERESb.c., 1892 Emperor of Norfolk -- Clara D. x GLENELGAlso named REY EL CAREDES; Edgewater H., Atlantic S., Brookwood S., Culver S., Flying S.
RUBICONch.c., 1891 Rayon d'Or (FR) -- Lilly R. x GLENELGMt. Vernon S., Fourth Special, Greenfield S., Bedford S., Jerome H., Second Three-Year-Old Serial, Woodlawn H., Test H., Cedarhurst S., Flight H., Hempstead S.
SANTIAGOb.c., 1887 GRINSTEAD -- Clara D. x GLENELGAlso named SAN DIEGO; Kentucky S., Sheridan S., Drexel H., Pastime Athletic Association H., Chickasaw Club H.
SANTIAGO (SAN DIEGO)b.c., 1887 GRINSTEAD -- Clara D. x GLENELGChickasaw Club H., Pastime Athletic Association H.
SARATOGAbr.f., 1895 BUCHANAN -- Re Echo x GLENELGFilly Race No. 4
SENELLAb.c., 1891 Sensation -- Aella x GLENELGJuvenile S.
(See 1892)
b.c., 1889 Sir Modred -- Hirondale x GLENELGSea and Sound S.
SILVER IIch.c., 1893 Salvator -- Fleurette x GLENELGAutumn Maiden S.
(See 1894)
b.g., 1891 THE BARD -- Heel-and-Toe x GLENELGAutumn Cup
STAMPING GROUNDb.f., 1900 Lamplighter -- Elise x GLENELGMineola H., Alabama S.
THE LADY ROHESIAb.f., 1901 Ingoldsby (GB) -- The Governess x GLENELGKentucky S.
TORSIDAch.f., 1895 TORSO -- Judith x GLENELGOakland Prize S.
(See 1897)
ch.c., 1894 TOP GALLANT -- Dolly Varden x GLENELGKENTUCKY DERBY, Westchester H., Golden Rod S., Brewers' S., Club Members' H., Peabody Hotel H., Leuhrmann Hotel S., Memorial H.
VERANOch.c., 1882 GRINSTEAD -- Jennie D. x GLENELGHyde Park S.
VERSATILEb.c., 1888 Rayon d'Or (FR) -- Valleria by Glenelg or Virgil x GLENELGTurf H.
VOLANTEb.c., 1882 GRINSTEAD -- Sister Anne x GLENELGFlash S., American Derby, Bankers' and Brokers' S., Railway S., Sequel S., Woodlawn S., Saratoga Cup, Cuyama S., Columbia S. (twice), Excelsior S., Champion S., Autumnal H., First Special, Ellis Wainwright S., Brokers H., Brewers Cup, Boulevard S., Latonia Merchants S., Louisville Merchants S.
WHEEL OF FORTUNEb.f., 1892 Gano -- Jennie B. x GLENELGBurns H., Athenian Club Cup
WINDRUSHch.c., 1878 King Alfonso -- Glenluine x GLENELGIllinois Derby
WINONAb.f., 1885 GRINSTEAD -- Clara D. x GLENELGGazelle S.
YOUNG ARIONb.c., 1890 Miser -- Glencairne x GLENELGJerome S.

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