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(ch.c. 1913, Rock Sand (GB) -- Fairy Gold (GB) x Bend Or (GB))
Classic participant in: 1916



Finish Race Name
1stAdirondack S.
1stSaratoga Cup
1stSuburban H.
1stBrooklyn H.
1stWhirl S.
1stAdirondack H.
3rdSaratoga H.
3rdSaratoga Special
3rdWithers S.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
(See 1924)
br.c., 1921 FRIAR ROCK -- Swan Song x BEN BRUSHClassic participant, non stakes winner. Sire of stakes winners.
BLACK CURLch.f., 1924 FRIAR ROCK -- Frizeur x SweeperArverne H., Bay Shore H., Test S.
CESAREch.c., 1927 FRIAR ROCK -- Terentia x Cicero (GB)Southampton H.
CONCLAVEbr.f., 1927 FRIAR ROCK -- Pow Wow x PolymenianLaurel S., Test S.
EMOTIONch.f., 1919 FRIAR ROCK -- Affection x Isador (GB)CHAMPION 2yo Filly, Test S.
FIRM FRIENDch.c., 1919 FRIAR ROCK -- Bold Girl x OGDENMelrose Selling S., Gowanus Selling S., Myrtle Selling S., Speculation H.
FLAT IRONch.g., 1923 FRIAR ROCK -- Affection x IsadorHawthorne H., Grainger Memorial H., Robert M. Sweitzer H., Greater Chicago H.
FLINT STONEch.c., 1920 FRIAR ROCK -- Problem x SupermanHarford H., Mardi Gras H.
FRIAR'S CARSEch.f., 1923 FRIAR ROCK -- Problem x SUPERMANCHAMPION 2yo Filly, Fashion S., Keene Memorial S., Clover S.
(See 1928)
br.c., 1925 FRIAR ROCK -- Princess Mary x HessianQuebec Derby
(See 1929)
b.g., 1926 FRIAR ROCK -- Kathryn Harlan x McGeeClassic participant
INCHCAPEch.c., 1918 FRIAR ROCK -- Rose Of Gold x Top Gallant (GB)Tremont S.
MASKED BALLch.f., 1928 FRIAR ROCK -- Masked Dancer x DisguiseMohawk Claiming S.
MAYAch.c., 1927 FRIAR ROCK -- Sun Maiden x Sundridge (GB)Spring H.
NO MOREch.c., 1928 FRIAR ROCK -- Once More x PolymelianQuickstep H., Washington Park H., Detroit Speed H.
PILATEch.c., 1928 FRIAR ROCK -- Herodias x The Tetrarch (GB)Paumonok H.
POLYDORUSb.c., 1928 FRIAR ROCK -- Polyanthus x PolymelianTremont S., James Rolph Jr. H., Au Revoir H., Oakland Claiming H.
REGISTRARch.c., 1918 FRIAR ROCK -- Star of Danube x Star ShootInternational H.
ROCKMINISTERch.c., 1919 FRIAR ROCK -- Mallard x Star ShootLatonia Championship S., Pimlico Cup, Huron H.
(See 1921)
b.c., 1918 FRIAR ROCK -- Lucy M. x HAMBURGClassic participant
YARNch.c., 1927 FRIAR ROCK -- Sea Tale x Sea KingStanley Produce S., Ontario Jockey Club H.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
ASKMENOWbr.f., 1940 MENOW -- Conclave x FRIAR ROCKCHAMPION 2yo Filly, American Derby, Selima S., Pimlico Oaks, Arlington Matron H., Beverly H.
ATTACKch.f., 1923 Atwell -- Gallant Foe x FRIAR ROCKWilliam Hendrie Memorial H. (twice), Statler Hotel H.
BASTOGNEbk.c., 1944 Sky Raider -- Tenez x FRIAR ROCKExperimental Free H. No. 1
BLACK WAVEbk.f., 1935 Sir Gallahad III -- Black Curl x FRIAR ROCKTest S.
BOOMch.c., 1924 Huon -- Flying Jib x FRIAR ROCKKing Edward Gold Cup, Kenilworth H.
(See 1944)
br.c., 1941 Sir Gallahad III -- Heloise x FRIAR ROCKWilmington H., United States Hotel S., Wakefield S., Swift S.
BRITTANYch.f., 1940 Stimulus -- Heloise x FRIAR ROCKSchuylerville S.
BYSTANDERb.c., 1925 Sir Martin -- Lady Bijur x FRIAR ROCKMyrtle Claiming S.
CALWICKb.c., 1926 Westwick -- Calistoga x FRIAR ROCKOakdale H.
COUNT STONEch.c., 1933 REIGH COUNT -- Nettie Stone x FRIAR ROCKManhattan H.
DINNER DATEch.f., 1936 Stimulus -- Heloise x FRIAR ROCKMatron S., Spinaway S.
(See 1928)
b.c., 1925 Spanish Prince II -- Melila x FRIAR ROCKClassic participant
FRANCESCObr.c., 1934 Jacopo -- Heloise x FRIAR ROCKWolverine S., Beulah Governor's H.
GREAT FLAREb.g., 1941 Flares -- Egret x FRIAR ROCKNorth American Stp H., Butler Stp H., Spring Maiden Stp H.
(See 1937)
ch.c., 1934 Sir Greysteel -- Crock o' Gold x FRIAR ROCKClassic participant, stakes placed.
HANDCUFFbr.f., 1935 WHICHONE -- Tenez x FRIAR ROCKCHAMPION 3yo Filly, Alabama S., New England Oaks, Delaware Oaks, Acorn S, Wakefield H.
HIGH STRUNGch.c., 1926 High Time -- Emotion x FRIAR ROCKCHAMPION 2yo, Pimlico Futurity, Belmont Futurity, Oceanus H.
JEZRAHELgr.g., 1941 Pharamond II -- Jezebel x FRIAR ROCKArlington Futurity
LOVEDAYch.f., 1936 PETEE-WRACK -- Friar\'s Love x FRIAR ROCKHannah Dustin H (twice), Granite State H., Mary Dyer H., Roger Williams H.
MARTISb.c., 1927 Sir Martin -- Flying Jib x FRIAR ROCKClarenceville H., Oakdale H. Mohawk S.
MASK AND WIGch.g., 1936 OSCULATOR -- Masked Ball x FRIAR ROCKArmistice Day H.
MASKED GENERALch.g., 1934 POMPEY -- Masked Ball x FRIAR ROCKWashington H., Sussex H., Philadelphia H., Harford H., Delaware H., Champlain H.
MAXIMAch.f., 1925 Sir Martin -- Minima x FRIAR ROCKDebut S.
(See 1935)
ch.c., 1932 STAR MASTER -- Confusion x FRIAR ROCKLouisiana Derby, Polo Park H.
NASOPHARch.f., 1946 Mahmoud -- Tenez x FRIAR ROCKDelaware Oaks
POLLY EGRETch.f., 1931 Polymelian -- Egret x FRIAR ROCKVictoria S.
(See 1937)
b.c., 1934 POMPEY -- Oonagh x FRIAR ROCKCHAMPION 2yo, Belmont Futurity, Dixie H., Paumonok H., Junior Champion S., San Carlos H., National Stallion S.
POONAb.f., 1935 POMPEY -- Oonagh x FRIAR ROCKGrey S.
PORTER'S MITEb.c., 1936 THE PORTER -- Minima x FRIAR ROCKBelmont Futurity, Santa Maria S., James C. Thornton Memorial H., Granite State H., Champagne S., Tanforan Juvenile S., Twin Peaks H.
RIDGEch.f., 1935 POMPEY -- Ledge x FRIAR ROCKMcIntyre and Louden Memorial H.
SASSY LADYch.f., 1936 Flying Heels -- Lady Mitzi x FRIAR ROCKCommonwealth H., Narragansett H., Raceland H., Coral Gables Spring H., Baltimore Spring H., Carroll H.
SEPOYb.c., 1923 Wrack -- Nadjy x FRIAR ROCKMount Kisco S.
(See 1934)
ch.c., 1931 Stimulus -- Heloise x FRIAR ROCKNew Rochelle H., Paumonok H., John Hancock H., East View S., International Speed Test Sweepstakes, Remsen H.
SHINING ONEb.c., 1936 Twink -- Oonagh x FRIAR ROCKHollywood Derby
SLIM ROSIEb.f., 1932 TRYSTER -- Rockland x FRIAR ROCKCrete H.
SOUR MASHch.c., 1925 Sir Martin -- Harridan x FRIAR ROCKBlemton S.
SPEED BOATch.f., 1930 MAN O' WAR -- Friar's Carse x FRIAR ROCKAdirondack H., Test S.
SPINACHch.c., 1927 Sir Martin -- Sweet Thyme x FRIAR ROCKLatonia Championship S., Riggs H., Havre de Grace Cup H., Potomac H., Huron H., Chevy Chase Stp H.
STARPATICch.c., 1927 STAR MASTER -- Simpatica x FRIAR ROCKContinental H.
SUNNY LASSIEbr.f., 1928 SUN FLAG -- Scotland Yet x FRIAR ROCKNursery H.
SUNTICAb.f., 1929 Sun Briar -- Simpatica x FRIAR ROCKKentucky Oaks, Illinois Oaks, Latonia Oaks, Test S.
TIFFch.c., 1923 Spanish Prince II -- Dispute x FRIAR ROCKSprightful Claiming S.
TINTAGELb.c., 1933 Sir Gallahad III -- Heloise x FRIAR ROCKCHAMPION 2yo, Belmont Futurity
TRY SYMPATHYch.g., 1932 TRYSTER -- Simpatica x FRIAR ROCKHyde Park S., Woodward S., Detroit Juvenile S.
(See 1932)
ch.c., 1929 Stimulus -- Heloise x FRIAR ROCKClassic participant, stakes placed.
WACOCHEch.g., 1931 High Cloud -- Honey Girl x FRIAR ROCKRevere H., Tercentenary Claiming S.
WAR KILTch.f., 1943 MAN O' WAR -- Friar's Carse x FRIAR ROCKDemoiselle S.
WAR RELICch.c., 1938 MAN O' WAR -- Friar's Carse x FRIAR ROCKMassachusetts H., Narragansett Special, Narragansett Governor's H., Kenner S.
WOOF WOOFbr.c., 1937 Bull Dog -- Minima x FRIAR ROCKFlamingo S., Labor Day H., Homewood H., Illinois Owners' H.

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