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Career History
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(b.c. 1876, Enquirer -- Farfaletta x Australian (GB))
Classic participant in: 1879



Finish Race Name
1stTravers S.
1stKenner S.
1stClark H.
1stPhoenix Hotel S.
1stClark S.

IMPORTANT OFFSPRING: (work in progress)

Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
(See 1888)
ch.c., 1885 FALSETTO -- Patrimony x Pat MalloyClassic participant
ALTO JUNEb.f., 1892 FALSETTO -- Jennie June x King AlfonsoOwners H.
(See 1895)
b.c., 1892 FALSETTO -- Ethelda x MoccasinWaterloo H.
BOB L.b.c., 1888 FALSETTO -- Goodness x WANDERERTobacco S.
BRIGHT PHOEBUSb.c., 1892 FALSETTO -- Buff and Blue x War DanceLawrence Realization S., Spindrift H., Albany S., Falcon S., Fall H., Naglee S.
(See 1894)
b.c., 1891 FALSETTO -- Addie C. x King AlfonsoKENTUCKY DERBY, Clark S., Phoenix H., Little Rock Three-Year-Old S.
CHORISTERb.c., 1890 FALSETTO -- Addie C. x King AlfonsoFleetwood S., Sea and Sound S.
COL. ROOSEVELTch.c., 1897 FALSETTO -- Pearl Thorn x Pat MalloyGolden Rod S.
(See 1895)
ch.c., 1892 FALSETTO -- Pearl Thorn x Pat MalloyJerome H., Metropolitan H., Prospect H., Carlton S.
DEWDROPb.f., 1883 FALSETTO -- Explosion x Hampton Court (GB)CHAMPION 2yo Filly
ETTAb.f., 1897 FALSETTO -- Manola x GLENELGKentucky Oaks
FALCONbk.c., 1885 FALSETTO -- Molly Wood x LexingtonSt. Louis Derby
FALSE AHERNSb.c., 1890 FALSETTO -- West Wind x King AlfonsoAlso named FORTY; Hudson S., Trenton S.
FERRIERch.c., 1890 FALSETTO -- Cinderella (GB) x Tomahawk (GB)Grass Inaugural S., Stirrup Cup
FLYWHEELb.c., 1899 FALSETTO -- Fright x VirgilQuaker City S., Magic City H., Appleton H., Double Event (Second Part)
FORDHAMbr.c., 1885 FALSETTO -- Sempre Vive x WAVERLYNursery H.
FORTUNAb.f., 1891 FALSETTO -- Badge x GilroyPalace Hotel H.
FRESNObr.c., 1886 FALSETTO -- Cachuca x King AlfonsoAutumn S.
(See 1888)
ch.c., 1885 FALSETTO -- India x LexingtonClark S.
GASCONb.c., 1888 FALSETTO -- Molly Wood x LexingtonSapphire S., White Plains H.
GEORGE BOYDb.c., 1895 FALSETTO -- Cachuca x King AlfonsoSeptember S.
GLANCEb.f., 1891 FALSETTO -- Glimpse x GLENELGFive Furlong Stakes for Two-Year-Olds
GLEE BOYb.c., 1889 FALSETTO -- Glimpse x GLENELGMoreland S.
HAWARDENb.c., 1892 FALSETTO -- Vendu x VirgilArmy and Navy H.
(See 1901)
b.c., 1898 FALSETTO -- Patroness x Pat MalloyKENTUCKY DERBY, Clark S., Omnium H.
JENNIE TREACYbr.f., 1884 FALSETTO -- Queen Victoria x LexingtonClipsetta S., Ladies S., Gaston Hotel S., Elmendorf S., St. Louis Hotel S.
JUNE DAYb.c., 1887 FALSETTO -- Virga x VirgilChampagne S.
KENWOODb.c., 1887 FALSETTO -- Katie Creel x King AlfonsoCarlton S.
LADY MASSEYb.f., 1897 FALSETTO -- Minnarette x BuckdenDolphin S., Turf H.
(See 1908)
b.c., 1905 FALSETTO -- Florite x FloristClassic participant
MISS DIXIEbr.f., 1889 FALSETTO -- Barbiche x King AlfonsoKentucky Oaks, Saratoga S., Nashville Belle Meade S.
(See 1892)
b.c., 1889 FALSETTO -- Patrimony x Pat MalloyBELMONT S., Brooklyn Derby, Carteret H.
(See 1894)
ch.c., 1891 FALSETTO -- Pearl Thorn x Pat MalloyKentucky Central Railway S.
PORTCHESTERb.c., 1888 FALSETTO -- Sempre Vive x WAVERLYTidal S.
RUPERTb.c., 1882 FALSETTO -- Marguerite x EclipseLong Branch H.
SEMPER LEXch.c., 1890 FALSETTO -- La Sylphide x FELLOWCRAFTBelle Meade S. (Louisville), Fall Selling S.
SHOSHONEb.c., 1888 FALSETTO -- Mary Howard x Hartington (GB)Exposition S.
(See 1908)
b.g., 1905 FALSETTO -- Florika x FloristBlue Grass Stakes
(See 1906)
b.c., 1903 FALSETTO -- Ignite x WoodlandsKENTUCKY DERBY, Commonwealth H., Latonia Derby, Harold S.
THE PICKETb.c., 1900 FALSETTO -- Voltario x VolanteAmerican Derby. September S., Brooklyn H.
TOM ROGERSbr.c., 1888 FALSETTO -- Ems x LISBONBlue Grass S.
(See 1896)
ch.c., 1893 FALSETTO -- Faginia x Prince CharlieMontgomery H., Detroit One Mile Sweepstakes


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
AYRSHIRE LADch.c., 1901 Derwentwater -- Ayrshire Lass x FALSETTOCoronation S., Breeders' S., Stanley Produce S.
(See 1902)
ch.f., 1899 Julien -- Barcarola x FALSETTOClassic participant
BEAU IDEALbr.c., 1893 JIM GORE -- Bonita Belle x FALSETTOArverne H., Gaston Hotel S., Two-year-old Champion S.
BURLEIGHch.c., 1901 Ben Strome -- Barcarola x FALSETTOFlight S.
CAPRIVIb.g., 1892 ONEKO -- Bonita Belle x FALSETTOKindergarten S. (St. Louis), Merchants and Manufacturers S., Missouri S.
CARBUNCLEb.g., 1897 Stuyvesant -- Garnet x FALSETTOBrookdale H., Catskill Selling S., Election Day H., Maximum S., Washington Cup
(See 1912)
b.c., 1909 Lissak -- Mary Greenwood x FALSETTOClassic participant
ETHEL LEEb.f., 1894 Whistle Jacket (GB) -- Marmora x FALSETTOBurlington S.
FALCADAch.c., 1905 Woolsthorpe -- Falerna x FALSETTOWhite Plains H.
(See 1906)
b.f., 1903 Orlando -- Miss Moore x FALSETTOClassic participant
(See 1900)
ch.c., 1897 FONSO -- Falerna x FALSETTODixiana S., Speed S.
KITTY SCOTTbr.f., 1892 Isaac Murphy -- Jennie Treacy x FALSETTOBroodmare, San Francisco Two-Year-Old S.
(See 1902)
bk.c., 1899 HANDSPRING -- Mon Droit x FALSETTOLawrence Realization H., Brooklyn Derby, Tidal S., Annual Champion S., Parkway H., Municipal H.
MAJOR TENNYb.g., 1899 Tenny -- Rose x FALSETTOPeabody Hotel H.
PETRELb.g., 1894 THE BARD -- White Squall x FALSETTOFalcon S.
ROXY MURPHYch.c., 1895 Kismet (GB) -- Emotion x FALSETTOTwo-Year-Old Sweepstakes
SETAUKETbr.c., 1898 Lord Hartington -- Mary Greenwood x FALSETTOCorona Selling S.
TROLLEYb.f., 1894 Martenhurst (GB) -- May H. x FALSETTOWoodburn Selling S.
WILD THYMEb.f., 1900 BEN BRUSH -- Rose x FALSETTOAqueduct H., New Rochelle H., Roslyn H., Sea Breeze S., Vestal S.

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