The Triple Crown Project
Career History
(work in progress)
(ch.c. 1905, Hastings -- Fairy Gold (GB) x Bend Or (GB))
Classic participant in: 1908

Notes: At stud at Nursery Stud, then later at Elmendorf Stud. Died in 1929. Leading Sire in 1920, 1924, and 1927. Leading Broodmare Sire in 1931, 1934, and 1938.


Finish Race Name
1stFlash S.
1stMontauk Selling S.
1stLawrence Realization
1stMunicipal H.
1stFirst Special S.
1stBrooklyn Derby
1stConey Island Jockey Club S.
1stJerome H.
1stLawrence Realization H.
2ndHopeful S.
2ndMatron S.
2ndBrooklyn H.
2ndProduce S.
2ndWithers S.
3rdUnited States Hotel S.
3rdSuburban H.
3rdNursery H.

IMPORTANT OFFSPRING: (work in progress)

Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
BLIND PLAYb.c., 1921 FAIR PLAY -- Blue Glass x Prince PalatinePierrepont H., Scarsdale H., Mount Kisco S., Delaware H.; Sire of stakes winners.
(See 1924)
ch.c., 1921 FAIR PLAY -- Loch Linnhe x LochryanWithers S., Colorado S., Hartsdale S.
BRIGHTNESSf., 1922 FAIR PLAY -- Bridlewise x TraceryBeverwyck Steeplechase H.
CHANCE PLAYc., 1923 FAIR PLAY -- Quelle Chance x EthelbertHORSE OF THE YEAR, CHAMPION Older Horse, Youthful S., Potomac H., Lincoln H., Harve De Grace Cup H., Jockey Club Gold Cup, Saratoga Cup, Toboggan H., Aqueduct H., Continental H.
(See 1927)
b.c., 1924 FAIR PLAY -- Quelle Chance x EthelbertBelmont S., Withers S., National Stallion S., Saratoga H., Saratoga Special
(See 1926)
b.c., 1923 FAIR PLAY -- Cicuta x NassovianLatonia Championship S., Washington H., PREAKNESS STAKES, Hawthorne Gold Cup H., Toronto Cup H., Toronto Autumn Cup H., Pimlico Cup H.,Baltimore H.(twice), Ontario Jockey Club Cup, Niagara S., Champlain H.; Sire of stakes winners.
EARLOCKERb.c., 1916 FAIR PLAY -- Lady Aristocracy x RAINBOWGrand National Steeplechase H.
FAIRFIELDch.g., 1925 FAIR PLAY -- Belvale x WATERVALECharles L. Appleton Memorial Steeplechase
FLAREb.g., 1914 FAIR PLAY -- Donna Mia x THE ILL-USEDNorth American Steeplechase H., Bushwick Steeplechase H., Prince of Wales Steeplechase H., Shillelah Steeplechase H.
MAD HATTERc., 1916 FAIR PLAY -- Madcap x Rock SandCHAMPION Older Horse, Jockey Club Gold Cup, Pierrepont H., Metropolitan H., Kings County H., Champlain H., Toboggan H., Surbaban H., Queen County H., Bellerose Selling S., Mineola H., Latonia Championship S., Pimlico Autumn H., Yorktown H., Pimlico Fall Serical Weight-For-Age No. 2 S., Bowie H.
(See 1924)
br.c., 1921 FAIR PLAY -- Mad Cap x Rock SandBelmont S., Brooklyn H., Queens County H., Saratoga Cup, Yorktown H., Continental H., Brookdale H., Chicago Special, Empire City H., Long Beach H.
(See 1920)
ch.c., 1917 FAIR PLAY -- Mahubah x Rock SandCHAMPION HORSE OF THE YEAR, CHAMPION 3yo Colt, CHAMPION 2yo Colt, PREAKNESS STAKES, BELMONT STAKES, Dwyer S., Withers S., Futurity S., Hopeful S., Lawrence Realization H., Stuyvesant H., Travers S., Tremont S., Jockey Club Gold Cup, Keene Memorial S., Grand Union Hotel S., United States Hotel S., Youthful S., Miller S., Potomac H.; Sire of CHAMPIONS and stakes winners., Hudson S.,
(See 1923)
ch.c., 1920 FAIR PLAY -- Mission x Rock SandGrab Bag H.
MLLE. DAZIEb.f., 1917 FAIR PLAY -- Toggery x Rock Sand (GB)Marianao Selling H. (Cuba)
(See 1922)
b.c., 1919 FAIR PLAY -- Mahubah x Rock SandAqueduct H., Jockey Club Gold Cup
(See 1915)
b.c., 1912 FAIR PLAY -- Ninevah x THE ILL-USEDBrooklyn Derby, Dwyer S., Oregon H., Ohio H.
PARI-MUTUELc., 1928 FAIR PLAY -- Quelle Chance x EthelbertSpindrift H., Au Revoir H., Autumn H., Houston H.
SANDS OF PLEASUREb.g., 1913 FAIR PLAY -- Golden Sands x Rock Sand (GB)Autumn Selling S., Seagram Cup S., Jacques Cartier H., Hollis Selling S., Camden H., Inaugural H.
(See 1921)
b.c., 1918 FAIR PLAY -- Felicity x Rock SandTravers S., Latonia Championship S.
STAGECRAFTb.f., 1929 FAIR PLAY -- Franconia x SWEEPAstoria S., Beldame H.
STROMBOLIch.g., 1911 FAIR PLAY -- St. Priscilla x Rayon d'OrManhattan H., Jerome H., Baltimore H., Saranac H., Suburban H., Metropolitan H., Belmont Park Autumn H. (twice), Kings County H. (twice), Pimlico Fall Serial Weight-For-Age No. 1, Bowie H., Municipal H., Saratoga H.
SUN KINGb.g., 1911 FAIR PLAY -- Souveraine x Rayon d'OrPrince of Wales Steeplechase, Crickmore Memorial Steeplechase, Woodbine Steeplechase H., Street Railway Steeplechase H., New York Steeplechase H.
(See 1925)
b.c., 1922 FAIR PLAY -- Alburn x Alcantara IIGreat American S.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
ALGOLch.c., 1925 THE PORTER -- Surplice x FAIR PLAYRex H., Country Club H.
ARIEL LADch.g., 1939 Ariel -- Barefoot x FAIR PLAYFall Highweight H., Gideon Putnam H., Interborough H.
BLACK DIAMONDg., 1926 Black Toney -- Fair Priscilla x FAIR PLAYR. J. Mackenzie Memorial H., Queen's Hotel Cup H., Hon. Dr. Forbes Godfrey H.
BOLINGBROKEc., 1937 EQUIPOISE -- Wayabout x FAIR PLAYNew York H., Saratoga Cup, Jockey Club gold Cup, Manhattan H. (twice), Saratoga Cup, Manhattan H., Whitney S.
BROOM'S SENTRYbr.c., 1939 BROOMS -- Watch Out x FAIR PLAYAlberta Derby
CHARONch.c., 1927 CUDGEL -- Gladbrook x FAIR PLAYMyrtle Claiming S.
CHICKAHOMINYbr.c., 1928 APPREHENSION -- Alverda x FAIR PLAYBellerose Claiming S., Arrow Claiming S.
(See 1944)
ch.g., 1941 MENOW -- Curiousity Shop x FAIR PLAYClassic participant, stakes placed.
COMMUTERch.c., 1928 TRANSMUTE -- Shuttle x FAIR PLAYHartsdale S., Rockaway S.
DNIEPERch.g., 1933 KIEV -- Nerva x FAIR PLAYWashington Park Juvenile S.
DOUBLE BACKbr.f., 1936 HASTE -- Deuce x FAIR PLAYRosedale S.
EVENING TIDEf., 1934 Bull Dog -- Etoile Filante x FAIR PLAYTest S.
(See 1927)
b.f., 1924 Wrack -- Etoile Filante x FAIR PLAYCHAMPION 2yo Filly, Pimlico Futurity, Selima S.
GOOSE EGGb.f., 1927 CHICLE -- Oval x FAIR PLAYSpinaway S.
HASTY GLANCEbk.f., 1932 HASTE -- Nerve x FAIR PLAYHialeah Juvenile Championship S., Juvenile H., West Texas H.
(See 1934)
b.c., 1931 Sir Gallahad III -- Etoile Filante x FAIR PLAYPreakness S., Eastern Shore H., Wood Memorial S.
INCANDESCENTb.f., 1931 CHICLE -- Masda x FAIR PLAYPlymouth Rock Claiming S.
(See 1931)
b.c., 1928 St. James -- Mlle. Daisy x FAIR PLAYCHAMPION 2yo Colt, Withers S., Saratoga Special, United States Hotel S., Futurity S., Grand Union Hotel S., Flash S., Capital H.
KIEVEXgr.c., 1931 KIEV -- Diamond x FAIR PLAYSaranac H., Jerome H., Delaware H.
KOPECKg., 1926 Stefan The Great -- Mlle. Dazie x FAIR PLAYYouthful S., Seneca Claiming S.
LADY DAYb.f., 1934 HASTE -- Fairday x FAIR PLAYColumbus Day H.
MORAL VICTORYch.c., 1935 VICTORIAN -- Mormaw x FAIR PLAYLongacres Speed H.
MORFAIRch.c., 1929 MORVICH -- Mormaw x FAIR PLAYMontague H., Saranac H., United States Hotel S.
MORSTONEbr.c., 1928 MORVICH -- Mormaw x FAIR PLAYSpring H., Swift S., Interborough H.
OLD FAITHFULb.c., 1941 Hairan -- Barefoot x FAIR PLAYDemetre Memorial H.
PRICEMAKERch.c., 1921 HOURLESS -- Fair Priscilla x FAIR PLAYNewton S.
PROJECTILEc., 1930 Swift And Sure -- Fair Priscilla x FAIR PLAYEndurance H., Thomas Curran Memorial S., Col. Alger Memorial H.
REAPINGc., 1933 Sickle -- Duchess Lace x FAIR PLAYHawthorne Sprint H., Bule Bonnet H., Baton Rouge H.
SARATOGA MAJEg., 1922 Old Koenig -- Beautiful Lady x FAIR PLAYSeneca Claiming S.
(See 1937)
bk.c., 1934 Sickle -- Stagecraft x FAIR PLAYClassic participant, stakes placed.
SOME COUNTch.g., 1935 REIGH COUNT -- In Bounds x FAIR PLAYGreat Western H.
STAGEHANDc., 1935 Sickle -- Stagecraft x FAIR PLAYCHAMPION 3yo Colt, Santa Anita H., Santa Anita Derby, Naragansett Special, Empire City H., Governor's H., Mclennan Memorial H.
(See 1933)
br.c., 1930 Phalaros -- Sandrine x FAIR PLAYClassic participant, stakes placed.
STURDY DUKEc., 1935 Stimulus -- Duchess Lace x FAIR PLAYLiberty H., Belle Isle H.
(See 1933)
ch.g., 1930 Sun Briar -- Beautiful Lady x FAIR PLAYClassic participant, non stakes winner.
(See 1928)
b.c., 1925 Sun Briar -- Beautiful Lady x FAIR PLAYCHAMPION Handicap Male (three times), Latonia Championship S., Maryland Breeders' Cup H., Potomac H., Harve de Grace Cup H., Hawthorne Gold Cup H., (three times), Washington H. (twice), Southern Maryland H., Toronto Autumn Cup, Arlington Cup, Fashion S., Lincoln h., Philadelphia H.
(See 1935)
b.c., 1932 Sun Briar -- Virginity x FAIR PLAYClassic participant, stakes placed.
(See 1929)
b.c., 1926 Sun Briar -- Beautiful Lady x FAIR PLAYWindsor Hotel Cup H.
THATAWAYf., 1949 POLYNESIAN -- Wayabout x FAIR PLAYCinderella S., Hollywood Lassie S.
(See 1934)
b.c., 1931 Time Maker -- Surplice x FAIR PLAYNarragansett Special, Bay Meadows H., Sacramento H., Hialeah S., Bahama H., New England H., What Cheer H., Pruitan H., Massachusetts H., San Antonio H., San Vincente H., Massasoit H.
TRIPLICATEch.c., 1941 REIGH COUNT -- Fairday x FAIR PLAYHollywood Gold Cup, Golden Gate H., San Juan Capistrano H.
VALENCIENNESf., 1927 Stefan The Great -- Duchess Lace x FAIR PLAYCHAMPION Handicap Mare, Thankgiving H., Arlington Matron H., Harve De Grace Cup H., Ladies H.
WESTERN PRINCEb.c., 1940 BROOMS -- Fair Moneta x FAIR PLAYCanadian Derby, British Columbia Futurity
WHIFFENPOOFg., 1946 Bull Dog -- Wayabout x FAIR PLAYFrontier H., Dover S., Inaugural H., William G. Lias H. (twice), Capitol H., Governor's Day H.

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