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(b.c. 1913, Spearmint (GB) -- Lady Hamburg II x Hamburg )
Classic participant in: 1916

Notes: Died in 1939. Leading Sire in 1929. Leading Broodmare Sire in 1942.


Finish Race Name
1stChampagne S.
1stBrooklyn Derby
3rdNursery H.
3rdLong Beach H.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
BALIOSb.c., 1930 CHICLE -- Rowes Bud x BroomstickTremont S., Babylon H., Empire City Derby.
(See 1923)
b.c., 1920 CHICLE -- Cherry Malotte x OrlandoKeene Memorial S., Manor H., Nursery H., Jerome H., Saranac H., Long Beach H.
CHIC MAUDb.f., 1935 CHICLE -- Maud Muller x PennantLafayette S.
(See 1929)
b.c., 1926 CHICLE -- Tahiti x Whisk Broom IIBayview Claiming H.
CHICKPENb.f., 1932 CHICLE -- Mabouche x PennantMaple Leaf S.
(See 1923)
b.c., 1920 CHICLE -- Greenvale x HAMBURGClassic participant
CHICLEIGHTbr.f., 1926 CHICLE -- Ruddy Light x HoneywoodPimlico Nursey S.
CHICOLORADObr.c., 1934 CHICLE -- Robin's Egg x WILDAIRStuyvesant H.
(See 1934)
br.c., 1931 CHICLE -- Last Straw x UltimusWalden S., Pimlico H., Richard Johnson S.
COMSTOCKERYb.g., 1926 CHICLE -- Prudish x PETER PANUnited States Hotel S., Queens County H., Kings County H.
CONSTANT WIFEbr.f., 1931 CHICLE -- Penelope x SWEEPHialeah Juvenile Championship S.
CRISTATEb.g., 1932 CHICLE -- Panache x BroomstickCleveland H., De La Salle H.
(See 1928)
br.c., 1925 CHICLE -- Balancoire II x MeddlerWood Memorial S., Flash S., Edgemere H., Pierrepont H., Yonkers H., Bayview H., Colorado S., Bay Shore H., Champlain H.
DUSTEMALLbr.f., 1927 CHICLE -- Miss Whisk x Whisk Broom IIMatron S.
EDELWEISSb.f., 1930 CHICLE -- Helvetia x HOURLESSCoaching Club American Oaks
ELFb.f., 1922 CHICLE -- Wendy x PETER PANYouthful S., Hudson S.
(See 1923)
b.c., 1920 CHICLE -- Enchanting x St. VictrixKentucky Jockey Club S., Havre de Grace H.
GADFLYb.f., 1920 CHICLE -- Gadiola x Cylgad (GB)Pimlico Oaks
GOOSE EGGb.f., 1927 CHICLE -- Oval x FAIR PLAYSpinaway S.
INCANDESCENTb.f., 1931 CHICLE -- Masda x FAIR PLAYPlymouth Rock Claiming S.
LOST FRIENDb.f., 1933 CHICLE -- Uome x Whisk Broom IIEsek Hopkins Claiming S.
MOTHER GOOSEbr.f., 1922 CHICLE -- Flying Witch x BroomstickCHAMPION 2yo Filly, Futurity S., Fashion S.
NOTEBOOKb.f., 1930 CHICLE -- Flyleaf x BroomstickSelima S.
OUTLINEb.f., 1921 CHICLE -- Sketchy x PETER PANRosedale S.
PANTELLAb.f., 1924 CHICLE -- Pantalette x BroomstickGreat American S., Matron S.
(See 1923)
b.c., 1920 CHICLE -- Pankhurst x VoterOrmond H.
(See 1935)
br.g., 1932 CHICLE -- Crazy Moon x BroomstickChesapeake S., National Stallion S., Juvenile S.
RAPTUREb.f., 1923 CHICLE -- Enchanting x St. Victrix (GB)Alabama S., Pimlico Oaks.
REDBREASTb.c., 1935 CHICLE -- Robin's Egg x WILDAIRBabylon H.
REMINDERb.g., 1922 CHICLE -- Remembrance x BroomstickWicomico H.
REVENGEb.c., 1920 CHICLE -- REGRET x BroomstickYonkers H.
(See 1923)
b.c., 1920 CHICLE -- Matinee x BroomstickHuron H., Washington H., Excelsior H.
(See 1934)
b.g., 1931 CHICLE -- Traffic x BroomstickGrand Union Hotel S., Rockingham Park H., Roger Williams H., Rhode Island H., Fall River H., New England H., Swift S.
SAGEBOYSb.c., 1925 CHICLE -- Bonnie Broom x Whisk Broom IIStonybrook Claiming S., Melrose Claiming S., Nassau Claiming S.
SASSAFRASb.g., 1931 CHICLE -- Miss Whisk x Whisk Broom IIConsolation Claiming S. (2nd Div)
SPANISH MOSSbr.f., 1939 CHICLE -- Bryonia x St. GermansRosedale S., Fashion S.
TAKE WINGb.g., 1938 CHICLE -- Eagle Flight x MY PLAYMeadowland H. (three times), Stars And Stripes H., La Salle H., Lincoln H. (twice), Flossmoor H.
TWISTb.f., 1936 CHICLE -- Tendril x HollisterArmistice Day H.
(See 1930)
br.c., 1927 CHICLE -- Flying Witch x BroomstickCHAMPION 2yo Colt, Whitney S., Withers S., Champagne S., Miller S., Saranac S., Saratoga Special.
ZUNIbr.g., 1933 CHICLE -- Zelide x Mad HatterWest Texas H., Dallas Juvenile H.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
BALA ORMONTb.f., 1936 Ormont -- Balata x CHICLE (FR)New England Oaks, Charity Day H., Hawthorne Juvenile H., Enquirer H.
BAR FLYb.c., 1935 Black Toney -- Bottle Green x CHICLE (FR)King Edward Gold Cup H. (twice), Queen's Cup (twice), Thorncliffe H., Long Branch H.
BEST MANbk.c., 1927 Mad Hatter -- Bridesmaid x CHICLE (FR)Speculation Claiming H., Rockaway Claiming S.
BIM BAMc., 1934 St. Germans -- Elf x CHICLE (FR)Non winner, sire of a stakes winner.
BLUE DELIGHTbr.f., 1938 BLUE LARKSPUR -- Chicleight x CHICLE (FR)Arlington Lassie S., Arlington Matron H., Cleopatra H., Joliet S., Cinderella H., Princess Pat H.
BLUE FLYERb.c., 1937 BLUE LARKSPUR -- Chicleight x CHICLE (FR)Winner; Sire of stakes winners.
BLUE HILLSbr.g., 1946 BLUE LARKSPUR -- Chicotta x CHICLE (FR)Washington H., Thomas K. Lynch Memorial H., Governor Bowie H.
BOOJUMb.c., 1927 John P. Grier -- Elf x CHICLE (FR)Hopeful S.
BOTTLE CAPb.c., 1934 BOSTONIAN -- Trig x CHICLE (FR)Sallan Cup H., Richard Johnson H.
CABIN CREEKch.g., 1940 Chance Play -- Bottle Green x CHICLE (FR)Skokie H.
CHERRY BRANDYb.c., 1928 CHANTEY -- Cherry Bounce x CHICLE (FR)North American Stp H.
CHICATONEYb.c., 1931 Easter Bells -- Querulous x CHICLE (FR)Haggin H.
CLANGb.g., 1932 Stimulus -- Chicasaw x CHICLE (FR)Carter H., Yonkers H.
COCKERELb.c., 1937 TRANSMUTE -- Chickie x CHICLE (FR)Pimlico Nursery S., Juvenile S., Sagamore H.
CORAMINEb.f., 1934 Stimulus -- Toodleoo x CHICLE (FR)Shayomet S., Queen City H., Woodward S., Tanforan Juvenile S.
CUTE TRICKb.f., 1938 Cantankerous -- Trig x CHICLE (FR)Santa Susanna S.
DEAR DIARYb.f., 1936 TICK ON -- Scram x CHICLE (FR)California Breeders Champion S.
(See 1944)
b.c., 1941 DIAVOLO -- Lawler x CHICLE (FR)Classic participant, non stakes winner.
DICEb.c., 1925 DOMINANT -- Frumpery x CHICLE (FR)CHAMPION 2yo Colt, Great American S., Juvenile S., Hudson S., Keene Memorial S.
DRIVERch.c., 1932 DISPLAY -- Delos x CHICLE (FR)Harbor Hill Stp H.
FADb.f., 1940 PEACE CHANCE -- Swank x CHICLE (FR)Arlington Lassie S.
FICKLE CHANCEbr.f., 1931 Chance Play -- Miss Chicle x CHICLE (FR)Del Monte H.
FLASH BURNb.c., 1943 Brazado -- Incandescent x CHICLE (FR)Omnibus H., Diamond State S., Gittings H.
FLAUNTbr.r., 1949 CHALLENGE ME -- Millchic x CHICLE (FR)Queens County H., Lamplighter H.
FORCED LANDINGb.g., 1933 UPSET -- Transit x CHICLE (FR)San Gabriel H.
FREE FOR ALLbr.c., 1942 QUESTIONNAIRE -- Panay x CHICLE (FR)Washington Park Futurity, Arlington Futurity, Hyde Park S.
FUEGOb.g., 1939 Bim Bam -- Incandescent x CHICLE (FR)Tijuana Cup H.
(See 1938)
b.g., 1935 THE PORTER -- Grizel x CHICLE (FR)Classic participant, non stakes winner.
GESTAPOb.g., 1944 Third Degree -- Spanish Moss x CHICLE (FR)Flash S.
GOSLINGbr.f., 1928 St. Germans -- Mother Goose x CHICLE (FR)Kentucky Claiming S.
GRATTANbk.c., 1927 Lucullite -- Durbar x CHICLE (FR)Great American S., Hudson S.
HALF HOURbr.g., 1944 Eight Thirty -- Rosebloom x CHICLE (FR)Delaware Spring Maiden Stp H.
(See 1939)
b.c., 1936 QUESTIONNAIRE -- Delicacy x CHICLE (FR)Narragansett H., Edgemere H. (twice), Lawrence Realization., Kenner S.
JUSTICE, 1937 JUSTICE F. -- Maenora x CHICLE (FR)La Jolla H.
KEYNOTEgr.f., 1944 Mahmoud -- Notebook x CHICLE (FR)Autumn Days S., Astarita S., Mermaid H.
(See 1947)
ch.g., 1944 Mahmoud -- Transit x CHICLE (FR)Classic participant, stakes placed.
KINGFISHERbr.g., 1937 Halcyon -- Blessings x CHICLE (FR)Suffolk Governor's H.
LIGHTSPURbr.c., 1936 BLUE LARKSPUR -- Chicleight x CHICLE (FR)Labor Day H., Olympia Fields H.
LYNX EYEb.g., 1931 WILDAIR -- Spy Glass x CHICLE (FR)Rockingham Speed H., White Mountain H., E. Phocion Howard Memorial H.
MAD FRUMPbr.c., 1929 Mad Hatter -- Frumpery x CHICLE (FR)Rockingham Park H., White River H., Bryan and O'Hara Memorial H, Endurance H.
METTLESOMEb.c., 1938 High Strung -- Chicotta x CHICLE (FR)Remsen H., Experimental H., Janney H.
MILL PONDch.c., 1934 Royal Minstrel -- Lazy Daisy x CHICLE (FR)Bouquet Claiming S.
MONDAY LUNCHbr.g., 1938 QUESTIONNAIRE -- Delicacy x CHICLE (FR)Champagne S.
NIGHT SONGgr.f., 1934 Royal Minstrel -- Free And Easy x CHICLE (FR)Queen Mary S. (Eng)
OLNEYbr.c., 1936 BURGOO KING -- Bottle Green x CHICLE (FR)Narragansett H., Ravisloe S.
PARTY SPIRITbk.c., 1933 High Time -- Tolu x CHICLE (FR)Commonwealth H., White River H.
PLEASURE FUNDb.c., 1936 BOLD VENTURE -- Morena x CHICLE (FR)Handicap Tamaulipas
POMROSEb.f., 1940 POMPEY -- Rosebloom x CHICLE (FR)Fashion S.
(See 1936)
ch.c., 1933 Pennant -- Dustemall x CHICLE (FR)Hopeful S., Flash S., Saratoga Special, Charles L. Appleton Memorial Cup Stp., International Stp H. (Highweight 2yo of 1935 on Experimental Free Handicap)
ROSETOWNch.f., 1937 JAMESTOWN -- Rosebloom x CHICLE (FR)Bryan and O'Hara Memorial H., Vineland H., Thomas K. Lynch Memorial H., Rockingham Park H., Lady Baltimore H., Diana H., Adirondack H.
ROUGH DIAMONDb.c., 1932 Mad Hatter -- Frumpery x CHICLE (FR)Long Island Claiming S., Marlboro Claiming S.
ROYAL CRUSADERb.c., 1937 CRUSADER -- Talented x CHICLE (FR)Del Mar H., Labor Day H., Churchill Downs H., Des Plaines H.
(See 1942)
ch.c., 1939 EQUIPOISE -- Goose Egg x CHICLE (FR)Kentucky Derby, Belmont S., Classic S., Yankee H., Blue Grass S., Wilson S., Laurel S., Travers S., Grand Union Hotel S.
SLAPSTICKbr.f., 1930 Broomstick -- Transit x CHICLE (FR)Farm Bureau Claiming S.
SPANGLED GAMEb.g., 1941 REIGH COUNT -- Fancy Feathers x CHICLE (FR)Rhode Island H., King Philip H. (twice), New Hampshire H., Roger Williams H. (twice)
SURVEYORch.g., 1932 John P. Grier -- Transit x CHICLE (FR)Pimlico Nursery S.
TANGLEDb.f., 1938 Sweeping Light -- Elf Lock x CHICLE (FR)Delaware Oaks, Top Flight H., Gazelle S., Astoria S., Adirondack H.
TATTERDEMALIONb.g., 1933 St. Germans -- Elf x CHICLE (FR)Potomac H., Tropical H., Suffolk Governor's H., Brandywine H.
TEL O'SULLIVANch.g., 1943 Chance Play -- Cartela x CHICLE (FR)Miami Beach H.
(See 1938)
ch.c., 1935 Pennant -- Transit x CHICLE (FR)Brooklyn H., Dwyer S., Excelsior H., Roseben H., Ponce de Leon H., National Stallion S., Derby Trial S.
TIME STEPbr.c., 1936 Royal Minstrel -- Measure x CHICLE (FR)Victoria Cup (Eng)
TIN PAN ALLEYbr.c., 1938 TICK ON -- Pantella x CHICLE (FR)Haggin S.
TRANSIENTb.f., 1938 Soon Over -- Maenora x CHICLE (FR)Evening H.
TRANSMUTABLEbr.c., 1932 TRANSMUTE -- Chickie x CHICLE (FR)Thistledown Au Revoir H., Gilroy H.
TWO BOBch.f., 1933 THE PORTER -- Blessings x CHICLE (FR)Kentucky Oaks
WAR SPUNb.c., 1943 War Glory -- Twist x CHICLE (FR)California Derby
WHITE LIESb.f., 1930 John P. Grier -- Gossamer x CHICLE (FR)Ladies' H.
WISE NIECEb.f., 1938 Wise Counsellor -- Drollery x CHICLE (FR)Correction H.

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