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Career History
(work in progress)
(b.c. 1875, Bonnie Scotland (GB) -- Ivy Leaf x Australian (GB))
Classic participant in: 1878



Finish Race Name
1stSaratoga Cup
1stNashville Centennial S.
1stBaltimore Cup
1stAmerican Stallion S.
1stMonmouth Cup S.
1stYoung America S. No. 2
1stSaratoga S.
1stMaxwell House S.
1stWestchester Cup
1stCongress Hall S.
1stBrighton Cup
1stOcean S.
1stOcean Sweepstakes
2ndBrighton Beach Two and a Quarter Miles Sweepstakes
2ndSaratoga Mile and a Quarter Sweepstakes
2ndYoung America S. No. 1
2ndAlexander S.
2ndKenner S.
2ndTravers S.
2ndWithers S.
3rdTennessee S.
3rdChampion S.
3rdKentucky S.
3rdKentucky Selling S.

IMPORTANT OFFSPRING: (work in progress)

Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
(See 1890)
ch.c., 1887 BRAMBLE -- Miss Harding x Great TomClassic participant
BELLE BRAMBLEch.f., 1894 BRAMBLE -- Ill-Wind x THE ILL-USED (GB)Pearl S.
(See 1896)
b.c., 1893 BRAMBLE -- Roseville x REFORMKENTUCKY DERBY, Champagne S., Brighton H., First Special Sweepstakes, Latonia Derby, Nursery H., Second Special Sweepstakes, Suburban H., Cadet S., Diamond S., Emerald S., Prospect H., Holly S., Harold S., Albany S., Schulte S., Citizens' S., Omnium H.
BIGGONETb.f., 1883 BRAMBLE -- Bobinet x Brown DickSpinaway S., Withers S.
BROMOch.g., 1894 BRAMBLE -- Jewel H. x HIMYARCovington Autumn S., Seabreeze S.
CLIFFORDbr.c., 1890 BRAMBLE -- Duchess x KINGFISHERForest S., Des Plaines S., Melrose S., Chicago Special Sweepstakes, Latonia Special Prize, Phoenix Hotel S., Second Special Sweepstakes (twice), Oakwood S., Montgomery S., Albany S., Sea Foam S., Moet Chandon S., Flight S. (twice), Oriental H., Kearney S., Omnium H., Club Members' H., Long Island H.
EDITHAbr.f., 1891 BRAMBLE -- Edelweiss x EnquirerBrood Mares S.
LINCOLN IIch.c., 1894 BRAMBLE -- Mary M. by Muscovy GB) or Fore x FORESTERPiedmont H.
LOU BRAMBLEb.f., 1894 BRAMBLE -- Lou Dudley x HIMYARLatonia Oaks, Cincinnati Hotel S., Amateur Cup, Billow S., Kensington Hurdle H. (name changed to Buela.)
MY MARYLANDch.f., 1895 BRAMBLE -- Palianthus x SPRINGBOKTyro H.
SCRIBE BY BRAMBLE OR REPORTERbr.g., 1894 BRAMBLE -- Lady Wentlock (GB) x Wentlock (GB)New Orleans Mile and a Sixteenth Sweepstakes
TOM CROMWELLch.c., 1893 BRAMBLE -- Fonsie x King AlfonsoGreenfield Selling S., Parkville s.
WHISPERch.c., 1893 BRAMBLE -- Maid of Orleans x PlenipoStreet Railway S.
WIGHTMANb.c., 1889 BRAMBLE -- Planchette x Brown DickGasconade S., Little Rock Mile and a Sixteenth S.
WOODRUFFb.g., 1890 BRAMBLE -- Valerian x VandalReal Estate S.


Name Sex, DOB, Pedigree Highlights
ABE FURSTbr.c., 1894 HIMYAR -- Briar x BRAMBLECadet S., Press S.
ARREZZOb.c., 1894 Aretino -- Libbie L. x BRAMBLEProduce Exchange S., Street Railway Steeplechase H.
BATb.c., 1903 Meddler -- Buela x BRAMBLENorth American Steeplechase H.
(See 1905)
b.c., 1902 Longstreet -- Laura Ethel x BRAMBLELynbrook Selling S.
HELEN BARBEEch.f., 1908 Peep O' Day (GB) -- Lady Bramble x BRAMBLECHAMPION Handicap Mare, Golden Rod H.
(See 1900)
bk.c., 1897 Kingston -- Libby L. x BRAMBLEBelmont S., Baychester H.
(See 1898)
ch.c., 1895 FORESTER -- Dasiy Woodruff x BRAMBLETennessee Derby, Chrysanthemum S., Special Sweepstakes, Wayne S.
RODERMONDb.c., 1894 Tremont -- Armiel x BRAMBLEUndergraduate S.
SERGEANTb.c., 1900 INSPECTOR B. -- Pansy Blossom x BRAMBLEVan Cortlandt H.

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